Juan Carlos Jaimes

Juan Carlos Jaimes Arteaga, Michoacan Federal Representative of the National Fund in Support of Solidarity Enterprises (FONAES) reported that the total amount of resources given to six representatives of the solidarity funds is 679 thousand 790 pesos. “This resource will be used to perform manual, allowing them to professionalize their processes in order to streamline their work and prepare it for the approval of the National Banking and Securities Commission (NBSC),” said Juan Carlos Jaimes . Notes the support given to the savings institution authorized by the NBSC Epitacio AP Huerta SC de RL de CV, with an amount of 348 thousand 790 dollars for opening a branch in the town of Par cuaro. Other supports are received: The Solidarity Fund Huacana Churumuco SC de RL de CV, with a total of 90 thousand dollars to carry out the Internal Control Manual, Accounting Manual and Credit Manual Solidarity Fund Huetamo SC de RLCV, received support of 90 thousand dollars for preparing the Manual for Collection, Credit Manual and Systems Manual. The Solidarity Fund Mazahua Otomi SC de RL de CV Solidarity Fund Friendly Municipalities SC de RL de CV Peasant Union Solidarity Fund Tuzantla SC de RL de CV, the latter three cases were supported by a total of 40 thousand dollars each for the development of procedures manual for further administrative, legal and financial framework for financing social enterprises (solidarity funds), which supports FONAES. Juan Carlos Jaimes explained that the completion of the manuals will be done by consultants specializing in microfinance, to be hired directly by the leaders of the solidarity funds, so they are reasonably certain that they will be persons qualified in the area for which they require advice. It is recalled that the August 13, 2009 was published the Law to Regulate Activities of Cooperative Societies, Savings and Loan (LRASCAP), which demands that the solidarity funds to work for the professionalization of its services to become Cooperative Societies Savings and Loan to be able to request authorization of the NBSC. Currently boxes contained solidarity work under the Cooperative Societies Limited Risk Capital Variable, however, with stocks like FONAES drives, may work processes to acquire the legal figure of Cooperative Societies Savings and Loan, which requires the CVBV to authorize them.