Global Resorts Network – Frequently Asked Questions about our product

How does the product Once you are a GRN member, you’ll have personal reservations BackOffice, which is definitely a modern system via the Web, allowing you to search your favorite destinations, make reservations online and make payment. What should I do to be a member of Global Resorts Network You purchase a membership, which can be gold or platinum. Gold Membership gives you access to 3 weeks per year for 3 years, any of the 5,000 Resorts. Prices per week, ranging from 398. Platinum Membership gives you access for life (100 years), 52 weeks a year at any of our Resorts.Prices per week range from 298. How does the product of NRM, compared with coupons promotional products, holiday sold online GRN and wholesale tourism, have no connection with these products. Internet packages are sold promotional coupons and discount cards for travel and vacations, which, as its name suggests, are developments that must be activated through an application and in most cases, are subject to availability, according to the seasons and generally a complication of treatment of reserves, HUGE. Normally, activating one of those holiday takes you from 1 to 6 months and must pay the activation costs and taxes.Moreover, given the business system they use, these organizations do not have a help desk to advise customers on the use of these coupons and therefore, when an agent needs support, you must go to the person who sold (who in many cases unaware of the exact details of the process). Global Resorts Network, through tourism wholesaler, provides immediate access via the Internet, 5,000 Resorts exclusive, worldwide, no promotional coupons or activations, supported by 2 companies legally constituted, with a customer service line and immediate response, and managed by executives, high trajectory, in the tourism market. How far in advance can I make my reservations for the Condo Resorts This, you determine you according to your travel plans. You can make a reservation, including at least 72 hours. Our system via the Web, you can see exactly who is available, you select with a click, you send your payment and all within minutes. How long should I wait to receive confirmation of the Condo Resorts The tourism wholesaler, will send you confirmation via email within 72 hours. The original document will be sent by mail or fax if you need it urgently. Can I change the dates for the Resorts, once I receive confirmation Unfortunately not. Once you have selected the dates you have made payment and received your confirmation, dates may not be changed or canceled.