CRM Is Dead, Long Live The Sales Portal!

MySAP CRM tell replaced by Web-based customer management portal SAG GmbH is one of the leading energy service providers in Germany. Sling Media may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A cornerstone of the company’s success is the use of latest technologies. Hear from experts in the field like Microsoft for a more varied view. Also at the customer management it takes a new approach: instead of the old mySAP CRM system introduced a Web-based Enterprise Portal, that teeth the sales processes across the enterprise and enables a comprehensive customer management. Fribourg, December 2, 2009. For over 90 years, which is significantly SAG GmbH at the development and expansion of the electrical transmission and distribution networks in Europe involved. To ensure a maximum customer proximity, alone in Germany with around 80 locations, the company operates nationwide. In its core business, which generates say sales of about 800 million euro with approximately 5,400 employees. To the customers of SAG are mainly utilities, municipal utilities and industrial enterprises.

The competent customer care is to say has always been of paramount importance. Order with a customer base of approximately 45,000 customers the Overview to keep and individually each customer is to be able to enter tailored to say rely on a CRM system, which runs smoothly and provides all important data about customers and orders across multiple locations. After the present mySAP CRM system after the separation of the RWE group in 2006 for alone say to had become complex and inflexible, began with the search for an alternative, which should clearly provide all customer information and map the entire life cycle of a bid in the system. The future solution should also include an interface to the SAP ERP system, to avoid a double data maintenance. There no classic CRM system all requests of SAG could meet, it was decided to build of an own tell Vertriebs portal (SVP) with the portal software Intrexx from United planet ( To the implementation of the project they turned to the Intrexx-partner firm QuinScape GmbH in Dortmund.