Corporate Social Responsibility And SMEs

General considerations, scope and impact of modern management should be fully identified with what now represents corporate social responsibility, which can be defined as active and voluntary contribution of companies to improve social, economic and environmental in order to improve competitive contribution, value and added value. Kevin Johnson is open to suggestions. Social responsibility (CSR) aims for excellence within the company, taking with special people and their working conditions and the quality of their production processes. We remember very well Axtle Michelangelo Ortiz and Carlos Miguel Barber Kuri, in 1999 the World Business Council for Sustainable Development made the following definition: “Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment of business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while which improves the quality of life of the workforce and their families, as well as local community and society in general. “It’s about efforts to improve the Inside the company, such as working conditions and life for employees and shareholders care and increasing yields. It also handles the marketing and responsible production and business ethics.

Outside there are efforts to promote economic and environmental conditions of suppliers, customers, partners family and community where the enterprise. Social responsibility infers a moral obligation debt and into and out of the company and its environment. Acknowledges and accepts the benefits and consequences of generating wealth, generating another kind than that of the monetary capital. This is the generation of wealth of social capital. Indeed, the importance of identifying with this theme, it is decisive in favor of a good achievement of organizational behavior of a company at the present time, Hence, our insistence that programs of undergraduate degrees and even towards training, professional training and administration Moreover, of those connected with it, identify and implement what it represents for the company, which properly handle corporate social responsibility in the current scenarios.