Choosing a Child’s Name

What may be most memorable for a lifetime? That we hear every day from birth and that respond better than everything else? Of course, it is our own name, consisting of combinations of sounds in different heights, which have a stimulating effect on some parts of the brain, and these, in turn, affect the individual and to the people around him. Advised to read: Top10 most popular children's names on a person's character exerts a strong influence sounding name. For example, the names of Anatol, Dmitry, Igor, Daria, Dina, Jeanne, Catherine, etc., are the bearers of hard, hard sounds. Under the influence of a phonetics in humans from early childhood formed a stubborn, strong-willed and persistent character. His actions are always self-sufficient, decisive. But the owners of soft-sounding names – Basil, Ilya, and Michael, Sergey, Vera Irene, Natalya and Svetlana, and so forth – are flexible and calm nature.

Meaning of the name, but throughout there is the golden mean. In this case, it represent a neutral names (intermediate between hard and soft), they are treated like Alex, Andrew, Tom, Arkady, Valentine, Vitali, Paul Roman, Anastasia, Anna, Zoe, Love, Lyudmila, etc. Generally, people with these names to the extent of sustained, balanced, sensible. Choosing a name is almost always a difficult task. Must take into account all the components Total: lightness and clarity of pronunciation, alone and in combination with a middle name. For example, if the name ends in a consonant sound and patronymic begins with him, yes even in combination the name and patronymic lot of consonants, as For example, Edward K., Dmitry I., then it is difficult to pronounce and therefore distort either the name or surname. Named person is experiencing discomfort in the wrong for him to use. Undesirable call the children names of deceased relatives, the more tragic or violent deaths, it is not necessary to name in honor of grandparents as child adopts some features of nature, and often not the best.

Not is called a child to honor beloved kinogeroya, outstanding scientists, famous writers, historical events (Stalin, Scarlett, Aurora, Revolution). The situation that occurred in the family a simple worker Nicholas Tolstoy, confirms this fact. Born son was named after the great writer Leo; of boys were not given literature and Russian language, as a result he became an object of ridicule from classmates. This resulted in severe psychological distress and refusing to attend school. Parents had to work hard to remedy the situation, and after transfer to another class child to continue normal study. Do not use when naming his son's name, which bears his father (for example, Viktor, SS): These children often grow up unbalanced, nervous, moody and irritable individuals. Not is called a girl in honor of his mother, as they will in future be difficult to find a common language. To facilitate the choice of name, you can use the data listed below. Full article: Naming a child