In general, I want to give examples of how to behave before holiday: – for a start, my advice to you about the resort itself and why Lazarevskoe. Let's begin. There pebble on the beach, believe it is much better than sand, which gets in her clothes, and very tired by the end of rest, especially when you sleep on it))). Further, it will not Lazarevskoe Sochi, with its crowds and frantic price, but not a remote village – it is somewhere in between. I chose this place long ago and I think that it pravilno.Zhile in the Lazarev – booking – Be sure to climb up online and read about the Lazarev, especially when you started booking accommodation in the Lazarev, I advise you look at the site, this site not previously encountered, but when he learned that he was worth nearly all the normal hotel and the private sector, has entrusted the selection of managers. Previously, they had a common project, but for some reason it will not be found.

Two years ago was already resting, book a hotel with these administrators, and the fun they have through the site directly connect you to the hotel and you do not pay a dime for any data services. Wow! As they expressed their agreement with all advertising hotels, and they paid for them to hang on the website. For beginners, I can advise galleries Lazarian, if you were not never there, you can see the pictures, though, believe me, in reality, watch the sunset on the sea I would not for anything traded. If you are interested in the view that tourists read the reviews of the Lazarev from strangers and people concerned. I am here only expressed opinion, if it will affect how you in your decision about where and how to go on holiday then I would be grateful.