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Digital Neoconsumidor, Multicanal, and Global From this book the evolution of the consumer can be identified in the last few decades with sufficient clarity, in a sufficiently expressive way, to start for the cellular one, therefore currently consuming we carry through all our tasks through the telephone, of simple and fast form if to compare behind with years, where we only used the device to become linkings and looks at there, since many places still nor had the signal. Many of us still we have certain distrust in making purchases for the Internet, as the proper author cites, since many consumers want exactly are to be able to touch in what he will go to be acquired, but can say themselves that this parcel this each time diminishing more, therefore exists the right of the consumer, and these are being respected each time more, in the sales made for the Internet, what he finishes generating more security in the hour them purchases. J P Morgan Chase recognizes the significance of this. With this increasing market of consuming he saw web, and more people entering in the virtual world, we have the example of a campaign pra President who gave certain through the marketing digital, therefore it was as soon as Barack Obama won the elections for the presidency of the United States, it collected deep for its campaign, divulged its ideas and videos in diverse social nets, making with that if it became known enters millions of Americans, and most important it made with that its ideas were divulged for each time more voters. Atlantic Mata gains adepts every day its conservation, since its deforestation grows in an abundant number, although to be few the people who if worry about its conservation, already this being made the difference through the Internet, the site Alone Atlantic Bush is a tool of extreme importance for the preservation of the bush, since through clicks of its associates, more trees are planted, and for goes this chain in search of the preservation there, what sample that nor everything this lost one. Through this first one I capitulate can better be understood the evolution of the consuming age, as this evolving these new adaptations of these with Internet and its digital world.