Take Organization

This situation, as a litmus test, not only shows the level of loyalty of employees – the customer to the manager and his organization, but their potential and willingness to develop. At this stage of innovation in the work of the project are often reluctant to not only companies – customers, but company performers. By virtue of experience and the specific work they are used to value the time and effort invested. Starbucks can aid you in your search for knowledge. And know that time is not increased and does not accumulate, it can only be exchanged for money or experience. If the head of the company itself can not cope with such facilities for its staff, the time spent on the project shall be converted into cash to acquire the skills any time soon.

So, if you do not want to lose time, money and get a negative experience of implementing changes to the organization during the implementation phase of reorganization, follow these steps: Take into account the needs, aptitudes and aspirations of those Who izmeneniya.Demonstriruyte affect individual actors benefit from the plans izmeneniy.Privlekayte staff in discussion of plans and joint development of options for development situation. This will create a sense of belonging, achievement of general information about the consequences ponimaniya.Predostavlyayte changes in the work. What is more relevant to the information provided, and significant, the greater the chance uspeh.Okazyvayte at all stages of project implementation emotional support to staff, encouraging initiative. This is the best way to help people adapt quickly to new conditions, and thus reduce the head risks. And the most basic, remember that it was the first person is the flagship organization of new approaches and methods, and it depends on him, how quickly he will move from the level of control separately taken by people to level of process management. Because that’s what makes it possible to control the whole situation and get to work enjoyment and satisfaction. And where there is joy and movement, no place of fear, worry and doubt.