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Characteristics such as honesty, punctuality or reliability have at that time like today a very high value in the craft. In the today’s service desert Germany each only on his advantage is, you want to make much profit and just even the closest stand. Harsh words that bring the prevailing philosophy significantly but certainly to the point. Because where acted once customer service and consumer awareness, now ice cold calculations and naked facts prevail. Mostly this Act to the detriment of the helpless customers involved, because just when it comes to the construction industry or also the craft, the putative King says customer often leave and has no other alternative than without comment accept the common do.

Although one like the competition the business revives it and should you sometimes just so customer-friendly Act, but a glance into reality, that this is often not the case and alleged competitors together pull says. GM floor saw Technology GmbH is a craft business that consistently puts a counterpart. The Philosophy is doing that for more than 30 years this company near Hamburg that customer satisfaction is the best reward and the highest recognition. According to this philosophy, you will find a competent contact person for all questions around the elastic joints installation when GM floor saw GmbH. Here the expertise, experience and service is that each of the employees of this company calls his own. Who consulted GM floor saw GmbH, can as customer say United have taken a decision, the performance, quality and nice price.

These range from GM floor saw GmbH by laying the elastic joint, the renewal of joints to the maintenance and consulting around the flexible grout, representing man truly all multi talent. Because elastic joints are nearly ubiquitous in living spaces, walls and also in outdoor areas. Elastic joints are casually said, unifying elements that ensure that no friction between materials arise, protect them sensitive flooring or kitchen lines from getting wet, insulate Windows from cold and moisture, and last but not least provide elastic joints also in favour of creating a homely atmosphere. The elastic joints are true all-rounders, and precisely because they are used so versatile, it requires technical know-how to effectively to lay, maintain or renew. Modern equipment, an extensive knowledge around the elastic joint and customers also ability to advise competently are essential if one is confronted daily with the versatile profession of the elastic joint. And this is exactly why GM floor saw Technology GmbH is the sovereign contact for customers but also for cooperating craft trade enterprises and companies of the construction industry for more than 30 years.

Gerflor Trend: Quick Easy Installation By The PVC Designbelagen

Innovations: Gerflor Senso PVC adhesive boards & Gerflor creation Clic Designbelag ready-made parquet of PVC or vinyl specialist Gerflor is characterized by particularly innovative flooring products from, and this both for the object area (Gerflor creation Clic vinyl Designbelag) as well as for the private living area (Gerflor Senso self-adhesive boards / planks). Of particular importance is low price and a very quick installation of PVC floors by the non-expert in, because this saves you time and money. Gerflor Senso self-adhesive vinyl PVC boards or planks offer precisely these benefits. At a competitive price 18,-EUR per m the client will receive a self-adhesive PVC vinyl Designbelag Hall, which meets the highest standards. The laying is child’s play with this floor covering. However, the actual value of this flooring product is in its design and material properties.

The highly sought after line of Gerflor Senso rustic offers a look and feel that is indistinguishable from real natural materials. The surface structure is exactly the surface of real wood material after. The Renner decor Gerflor rustic Pekan is a rustic wood design that a special flair gives a flat. Gerflor Senso self-adhesive boards are easy to install even for the non-expert, and there are only a few work. The three-minute video tutorial laying explains short and understandable by Gerflor Senso gluing planks. Available at: ../gerflor-senso-klebedielen higher use classes are required for the commercial use of the object.

Specifically, Gerflor vinyl Designbelag ready-made parquet has developed the creation of Clic. The highest use classes speak of 34 for the commercial and even 43 for industrial applications for these floor coverings. The excellent Clic system this vinyl design finished parquet without the non is unique almost all manufacturers however used MDF substrate. The click System allows a vertical one-click without overstretching of the covering for highest fitting accuracy. This has a zero going against Gap has resulted. Defakto recognizable are no joints. Nevertheless the covering can be, expanded easily again for further use what makes sense for the long service life. Gerflor creation Clic used vinyl PVC Designbelag no MdF substrate and is thus insensitive to moisture and water. Of importance, that is especially if in newly built commercial units, the time for drying of screed floor was too close. Commercial tenant or Shopfitters appreciate these advantages of Gerflor creation Clic finished bottom and the relatively high price of approx. 65,-EUR per m m is relativized by the low Verlegekosten. Gerflor creation Clic can be installed much faster due to its vertical Klicksystemes than conventional systems of Clic, because no joints between the individual boards can occur, which must be balanced by horizontal work with hammer and teaching. Started, press, done. Laying of Gerflor creation Clic system is explained in a short moving video. To include among others: ../gerflorpvc

Hector Castellares

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