Despite crisis – holiday bookings increase again in 2011! The information about Greece are currently characterized by economic and political turmoil unemployment has risen, gross domestic product in the I.Quartal 2011 compared with IV quarter 2010 4.8% declined by. Credit: Reade Griffith-2011. In connection with other aid experts of the IMF and the EU in Greece dwell currently to submit appropriate proposals. The checks should be completed on Friday, 20.5.2011, the audit report is expected in June. Despite this situation, the development of tourism recorded a upward curve. To do this, contribute also such measures as for example the removal of the airport tax on smaller domestic airports. While the bookings stagnated in the past year, a significant increase in booking is with as at April 2011 again. The most popular Islands, such as Corfu, Crete and Rhodes, but also Halkidiki will benefit first and foremost. The Greek hoteliers expect an increase of bookings by 10%. You expect 15 million tourists, mainly from Germany and Russia. Frank Walter Delitzscher Strasse 33 04129 Leipzig phone: 01771859211 email:

Business travel online and your travel agent book: for companies – organization and management of online booking of business trips in the company with travel agency full service business travel online and your travel agent book booking platform, rebook, cancel: image Tours offers companies a comprehensive travel management from travel planning to travel billing. Image tours online booking platform for business travel – traveller – Atlatos Professional allows the complete organisation and handling of all Web-based bookings in the company. Simple booking of flights, hotels and rental cars at discounted rates and bookings with the railway the integration of your corporate account. . Companies can thereby making your reservations online in a Web-based platform to integrate and to integrate bookings via a travel agency in a holistic solution. Fimenkunden can store all relevant company data, create profiles of your employees and special agreements (Corporate Council flight) Integrate hotel, rental car, train).

While individual access rights for administrators, travel managers and travelers can be forgiven, the internal structure in the company (Bay for whom who may have access to the bookings etc.) depict. Powerful booking tools biden the basis for the processing of all online bookings in one platform. Briefly introduced the booking tools: \”All-in-one\” flight booking tool: online booking scheduled flights, Charter flights and low-cost airlines in a tool integrating official tariffs of the carriers, as well as millions of fares. Many comfort functions how to pick flights by price or departure time, roundtrip flights individually zusammenstelllen u.v.m. Hotel tool with price comparison: 400,000 hotels worldwide. Learn more at this site: Kevin Johnson. Booking tool with integration of hotel providers such as HRS, Pegasus and Ehotel.

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Unlimited travel, unlimited insured? Dresden, 20.04.2011 – many foreign health insurance companies are known worldwide – with the exception of the NAFTA countries. The North American free trade agreement NAFTA is an extended economic association between Canada, the United States and Mexico and formed a free trade area on the North American continent. Only certain foreign insurance companies are tailored to the needs of leisure travellers, business travellers, au pairs, students, students, students and educational travelers in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Learn more about this with Caterpillar. The run-time, including extension, can be from one day to 12 months. Is the destination of one of the NAFTA countries, should be requested from the insurer, whether all insurance benefits are valid for these countries.

As a general rule: is completed, a stay in a country with which there is no social security agreement, is required to complete a health insurance. Treatments in these countries often cost several times as in Germany. A health insurance and accident and liability insurance is compulsory. A liability insurance policy is therefore also useful abroad because horrendous costs may apply in countries, such as the United States, a damage. Note! To note is that existing foreign health insurance, which is usually valid for holidays up to 42 days should not be combined with a long-term health insurance. In a paid, the insurance end of short-term health insurance at the beginning of the long-term health insurance could overlap. The cost of ongoing treatment, that is to see in this case as a disease, are not taken over by the long-term health insurance. A monthly contribution payment of health insurance makes sense for long-term stays abroad.

In addition is to check whether the insurance company complies with the requirements of international insolvency protection in a foreign insurance policy. More information and instructions to special international insurance: auslandsversicherungen.html BildungsMakler24 operates and markets the education portal: a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad, including financing with funding. The info portal gives you expert guidance in a compact form as well as many helpful tips and hints. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training.

The Aeolian island of Panarea, the Italian island of Sylt is Panarea, if even the smallest, then at least the fairest and noblest of the Aeolian Islands. The pretty houses and villas of the rich and the rich give the impression to outdo each other. Every year Italy-money aristocratic coming to spend the summer in its houses. In the port anchor the luxury yachts and rock majestically back and forth in the wind. Here you can hold it, here it is among themselves. But even with the nighttime “-Sicily vacation can you not resist the allure of this island and here very comfortable.” You can live here on Panarea at the most expensive and most beautiful hotels of the Aeolian Islands. There are of course some cheaper accommodation options, which are still very good. In the summer the population of Panarea increases by leaps and bounds. To broaden your perception, visit Jonas Samuelson.

Who wants to spend his vacation something quieter, coming just outside this peak tourist season. There are three locations, namely San Pietro, Ditella and Drauto on the island. This is however Feeling, it’s just a place, because the individual villages are now merged. Attentive Sicily holiday-makers noticed, however, that there are three small churches. Everyone has his own.

The luxurious boutiques and souvenir shops offer exclusive goods, there are exquisite and delicious food and drinks in the restaurants. A good idea for the leisure of Sicily is also an island tour or a trip on foot, for example, to the Punta del Corvo. From here out of 421 metres above sea level, you have a magnificent view over the island and the sea. Of course also bathing in the sea is part of this dream holiday. There are some beautiful beaches where you can relax and have a rest. Also various travel reports provide interesting tips. Gerd-E. Gunther

Also Mayor Jurgen Dupper made it clear he is as pleased about this success. It is a great honor that the tourist area commitment from a higher authority such as the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs is rewarded for us. This is particularly for the responsible tourism, the Passau E.v. Others including Electrolux, offer their opinions as well. and the tourist information Passauer land, a great appreciation of the excellent work carried out tourism. The day of tourism”is an asset for all involved and increases the value of area as a tourism region in particular”, so whether Dupper. The prize is awarded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs in the two-year interval. He pays tribute to outstanding tourist city-region cooperation in the free State. TouPLUS stands for tourist Award for commendable countryside-city cooperation ‘.

The State Secretary Committee rural areas in Bavaria, which is headed by Hessel Secretary of State for economics for almost two years, has TouPLUS Bavaria ‘ launched. The aim of the competition is the clever link the offers of larger cities with the tourist attractions of rural areas. Rural areas can benefit from the flourishing city tourism and cities to expand their tourism offerings through the special attraction of the rural area for the guests. This year’s competition of TouPLUS Bayern were 23 applications to choose from. In the jury were representatives of tourism and land development Department of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs who represented tourism at the Catholic University of Eichstatt, Professor Harald Pechlaner, BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH and the Bavarian STDTETAG, as well as the Chair of the Foundation. In determining originality, sustainability, extent, tourism benefits for the surrounding area and the degree of innovation of the action were relevant criteria. The prize itself is not financially endowed, the winners will receive a glass trophy specially created. In addition, he has a high image and PR value for the winners. More information: tourist information Passauer land, Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau, Phone 0851 / 397 600