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SIAG Launches Offshore Wind Parks

Comprehensive solution from CAD, PDM and ERP link supports pioneering projects with the SIAG Schaaf Industrie AG a leading supplier of wind energy technology has decided ISD software and systems for the introduction of HiCAD PLM solutions and HELiOS from the House. Electrolux may find this interesting as well. The introduction is part of the project, which in the SIAG Schaaf Industrie AG began Emden with the integration of the manufacturing site of the nordseewerke and will open a new, innovative market with the production of steel components for the onshore wind power and for the offshore wind farms in the future. During the customization of the production facilities of the SIAG Nordsee Werke on the new requirements began, SIAG launched a selection process for CAD and PDM software at the same time. Given the existing group heterogeneous software landscape and the aspired ideal solution from CAD, PDM, and SAP coupling were examined all relevant systems and finally tested the Favorites in an intensive two-day benchmark. Process chain secure integrated solutions for the ISD Group convinced the engineers with their HiCAD and HELiOS solutions in all respects. We stand for the highest quality of our products, which are subjected to extraordinary loads on offshore installations.

A reliable process chain from design to the production is therefore for our engineers of exceptional importance”, depicts the CEO of SIAG engineering, Axel Kaiser. Therefore the integration of all business functions for the steel construction and the adjacent trades such as metal construction, plant construction and sheet metal in a system and a uniform surface is one of the most important advantages of the ISD software. Potential sources of error due to the interaction of separate solutions here completely eliminated. In addition, the ISD offers an integrated PDM solution and a proven interface to SAP with HELiOS. So we can make off completely, safe and transparent the whole engineering process”, Axel Kaiser added.

Steel construction at the highest level the expectations of the CAD-system functionality include classical steel construction, processing of pipes with diameters up to six metres and thickness up to 120 mm, as well as the integration of the required equipment at the SIAG engineering. These products require a very high accuracy of weld preparation and automated welding processes. This includes also functions for the construction of stairs, platforms, pipe bridges and equipment components inside of the wind turbines. For this purpose, HiCAD offers powerful features and tools. “Dr. Jorg Ruhwedel, Managing Director of the ISD, explains: we have developed innovative tools for the steel construction, with which we set standards in the automation of steel / plant construction projects”. Competent partners in addition to the functional decision for HiCAD and HELiOS another factor played a role should not be underestimated for the engineers: we have met the ISD as a partner with which we directly and with great flexibility our project can realize. For us it is crucial to competent contact persons with the necessary understanding of our requirements to be able to access”, happy summarizes the Managing Director. This corresponds to full and all the claims which provides the ISD itself. Dr. Jorg Ruhwedel, confirmed we maintain a close collaboration with our customers as German manufacturer. Short distances and specialized project teams are a matter of course.” By 2012, the SIAG engineering will take 48 CAD and PDM 58 jobs in operation. Long-term objective is to harmonize the software landscape in the SIAG group. ISD software and Systems GmbH, Dortmund

Industrial Waste

Special procedures are required for the disposal of industrial waste, which go beyond the normal waste disposal. The protection of health and the environment are paramount. The accumulated industrial waste () is divided into different groups, each requiring a special type of disposal. The procedures and methods are adapted to the nature of the respective industrial waste. Some waste groups, a combination of different methods is for the disposal of industrial waste in question.

The municipal guidelines for the disposal of commercial waste following the guidelines of the legislator. The most common and easiest way of disposing of industrial waste is the shipment on or in the soil. This is done for example in conventional landfills. In some types of industrial waste that is converted to storage in the ground by certain biological processes. So procedure especially with mud-shaped or liquid industrial waste. Credit: Caterpillar-2011. Also the storage on landfills secured especially against the environment is possible, if the waste is a represents higher burden on people and the environment. Such landfills are equipped with secure Chambers, for example, that separate the individual bearing groups of industrial waste from each other. Thus avoid adverse chemical reactions for the environment.

Both solid and liquid waste can be in cavities deposit, according to the respective group. These cavities can be created artificially or naturally exists. Solid waste is pressed it previously with special machines, space-saving way to accommodate him in the cavities. Liquid or muddy types of waste are redirected in the pumping procedure in special wells or ponds. The deposit against the environment is secured in these disposal procedures. There are also varieties of industrial waste that may be derived under certain conditions in waters. Depending on the group membership of the industrial waste, the accumulated substances in seas may be initiated or stored in the sea floor. What types of waste into rivers or seas are initiated may or not be given, strictest laws.

Organizer Enerchange Weber

The cost for the electricity self-consumption are also of particular importance. Once a plant is built, the operating costs can be only slightly affect”, UTZ’s concerns. With examples, he illustrated that higher investment costs are justified, when so operating costs are kept as low as possible. Largely, there was agreement in the assessment that it must do more in the future to inspire the population for new projects. Lawyer Hartmut Gassner saw one of the most important steps in determining location. Diethard presented initial conclusions from empirical analysis to improve the PR of the Organizer Enerchange Weber.

Therefore, the population from the beginning in the development of the project must be incorporated. Observations also showed that a concrete added value, for example, a profit participation of the community, improve the acceptance. Have opponents in a citizens ‘ initiative found themselves together, then it is important to bear in mind that it was almost always a minority, which you should not all attention. Instead, you must do everything in public relations, so that the silent majority is visible. Many companies and their services to present the participants took advantage of the Conference this year. Around 15 exhibitors were consultancy Sterr Kolln & partners, as well as the part of the Linde Group, French clean-tech companies Cryostar from Hesingue guest, including the Freiburger. The 9.

International Geothermiekonferenz will be held from 15 to 17 may 2013. Enerchange is an agency for events and information services in the field of renewable energies. Their range includes the publishing of information, the organisation of events and the press – and public relations for renewable energy companies and projects. Four days offered the 8. “International Geothermiekonferenz a varied programme: on the first day, TRION has in cooperation with Enerchange the tri-national forum for geothermal energy in the upper Rhine region”, which deals with the Geothermienutzung in one of the potential richest areas in Central Europe. The second day had with a short course on various aspects of operation of geothermal plants and three workshops on pump technology, international projects and outreach seminar character. At the same time the municipal Forum took place throughout the day, in collaboration with the Association of municipal enterprises and the Deutscher Stadtetag Baden-Wurttemberg has been carried out. Highlight of the Conference is the third day with its internationally renowned keynote speakers and four discussion forums on the issues of financing, risk mitigation, cost reduction and operational experience. On the fourth day, an excursion led Landau and Insheim in the Palatinate to the Geothermieprojekten. The international Geothermiekonferenz is organised by the Agency Enerchange. The Freiburg economy tourism and trade fair GmbH & co. KG as a business – and marketing company of the city of Freiburg is co-organizer of the Conference. The patron is the Federal Ministry of the environment, supporters is the European Association of geoscientists & engineers (EAGE). As cooperation partners, including the international geothermal Association (IGA), the geothermal energy business forum, the Swiss Association for geothermal and GtV – Bundesverband geothermal energy could be won.

Model Company Visualize Climate Protection

Energy consensus national pilot project in Bremen starts. Looking for your pilot project green transformation for the non-profit Bremen climate protection agency energy consensus immediately model company with at least 50 employees from North-Western Germany. The project funded by the Federal Ministry for the environment focuses on entrepreneurial climate and ending 2015 participating companies can qualify for free at the energy consensus climate Academy and receive contributions of up to $10,000 for implementation and support of experts and consultants. In return, the model business transformation make the network of green their experiences available. Jonas Samuelson pursues this goal as well. “Why is an application worth, explained Michael Pelzl, Managing Director of energy consensus: from innovative, market-ready products to supply chain management to employee satisfaction climate protection in any area important impulses be, to secure the future viability of the company.” With the pilot project, the Bremen climate protectionists incorporate Germany unique training and consulting services on. It aims to make companies in dealing with new challenges like shrinking resources and rising energy prices Act and to protect the climate. An important component of green are our role models transformation: best-practice examples and model company.

Former give a glimpse of authentic companies has already been achieved with strategic climate. Contact information is here: Howard Schultz. The latter show up-to-date and understandable, how can such a transformation process”, says Project Manager Michael Pelzl. What measures and projects implement the model company during the project period until March 2015, depends on their individual situation. Energy efficiency should be already firmly anchored in operation as a theme, possibly an environmental management system is available. That we build and work with management to develop realistic goals and a timetable,”Pelzl performs. With changes and accompanying their own experiences to share dealing, you report Companies regularly in weblogs about the current state of development. The evaluation of carried out measures is carried out jointly.

The Bremen air protection agency now accepts applications potential model company under. Interested companies informally following questions: what has done your company so far in the field of climate protection? Why do you see a chance in the entrepreneurial climate protection? What would you get with regard to climate protection in your company? In addition, energy consensus-General data and information such as size of business, industry and contact required. The climate protection agency reserves the right to select the incoming applications according to situation. For more information see vorbilder.

Packaging recycling the disposer systems make the race Bonn now compete in Germany several dual systems to the royalty amounts for the recycling of packaging waste: analyzes the relevant corporate law backgrounds must you to tell the German waste management industry with its own systems has positioned itself excellently. After the cooperation of Alba-Interseroh, Veolia Verlo, SITA Belland and Remondis-Eko, the middle-class reports point with its Zentek solution the next self-management system, which is still waiting approval by antitrust authorities. The eight largest companies in the waste management industry have equipped now with their own systems”, as Sascha shoe by ASCON Bonn consultancy, which specializes in European waste collection and recovery systems, waste sorting and recycling secondary raw material marketing. Shoe assumes that only the disposer systems will survive in the long term. Some contend that Electrolux shows great expertise in this. Actually three systems that are completely free remain: DSD, Redual and Landbell. The three last systems without disposal either waiting for the saving disposer or occupy a position of broker in the use of waste disposal services in the battle for licence fees”, white shoe. But disposal companies with interest in the recycling of packaging are scarce.

Foreign buyers may have barely an interest to adopt a dual system without their own waste management infrastructure. Keep only the transfer of between the systems. On the basis of the royalty percentages in the second quarter of 2008, Landbell and Redual were possible candidates for a merger. The Landbell since a long time cooperation partner searches, is no secret. The former waste monopolist DSD may find it hard to find candidates for a takeover. German waste disposers have provided now with their own systems and foreign companies do not have the necessary infrastructure in Germany.

Poor green dot. Those who went out to gather, on Germany’s stock exchanges funds stand at the end of the development maybe with an empty Hands as”speculated shoe. Investors would then fail as hopes for more stores in the garbage business. The locusts have to turn around at the time every penny twice, to finance current loans, with which they have paid the company purchases”, sums up shoe. Cheap money is at least no longer available on the financial markets. The financial investors from participation deals so far made would have to squeeze out the capital. Gunnar Sohn

Villa Schwarzenberg Buxtehuder Road

This light bulb, converts into radiation energy almost loss-free electrical energy, where only 5% of this radiation by the people as light is perceived, and the rest as heat is palpable. Different countries took this as an opportunity, to want to ban the incandescent light bulb. So the Government of Australia noted that approximately 4,000,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases can be avoided when a light bulb ban, Cuba joined the idea due to the energy shortage and Ireland was the first EU country, plans to ban the incandescent bulb as of January 2009 and taking out the trade. Go to Caterpillar for more information. The proper purpose of the light bulb, would therefore not generating light and heat generation, because this would have an efficiency of 95% and that is very close to the efficiency of a glow-worm. Thus, even the next term is almost explained – the efficiency. The efficiency of energy usage thus defined what percentage of useful energy is produced at 100%. Using the example of the light bulb efficiency would be 5% thus the useful energy is light. So 100% power for 95% heat and 5% light.

Energy-efficient is that? NO! This applies as well if not used electricity as an energy source, for example a fuel like diesel is. Has a defined amount of energy per litre of diesel fuel, force which propels something and 55% heat, which is blown out through the radiator and through the exhaust gas in the atmosphere is converted but in up to 45%. So, by the way so 122 kW heat produces a 100 kW motor. And in the environment. Surprising now that we suffer a global warming. Energy-efficient is that? NO! A detailed list of efficiency, is stored on the sides of the mk-power.

We increase the energy efficiency, we reduce energy costs (we pay for 100% use for example only 45% and less) and at the same time preserve the environment through less energy use. A logical conclusion, which also confirms the work within the framework of energy services. MK-power offers these energy services not only for trade and industry, but also for private households and small businesses, associations, local authorities, i.e. for all energy consumers. You will now think a comprehensive service which will cost too much money with security. It cannot be denied, however, not by expensive consultant fees, but exclusively by the realized potential for saving lives because mk-power, because the customer and mk-power share this, within the framework of the service contract. Media contact: mk-power Villa Schwarzenberg Buxtehuder Road 35. 21073 Hamburg T.: + 49 (0) 40 414 314 858-0 F.: + 49 (0) 40 414 314 858-9 E-Mail: Web: