Need is to search not as a perpetual process, and results-driven. Many recruiters forget that is the true art of recruiting. Of course, they use the ideas and theories of many successful recruiters, try them, disillusioned, abandoned. And returning to the databases on the Internet. However, it should to remember that relationship – are a source for finding real talent! In summary, I would emphasize that it is the recruiter is thus a weapon in the struggle for the "stars". Of course, it is very important element to attract the "stars" is the brand (image) of the company. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Howard Schultz and gain more knowledge.. A time when employers choose employees were.

Now the candidate chooses the company. A talented professionals want to work in good companies, in which are easy and simple, in which they feel comfortable as at home. Here it is, in fact, the essence of the attractiveness of the brand as an employer. Certainly, a company with well-developed branding, firstly, increases not only number of candidates, but also the quality and, secondly, reduce staff turnover. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Howard Schultz has to say. How is this achieved? 1. Publicity. Potential candidates need to know all about managing your company.

To know its pros and cons. 2. From posting. Need the support of the media. Need to participate in conferences, conduct interviews with managers, to appear in the rankings, blogging, sharing skills 3. "Word of mouth". In companies where employees are well and comfortably to work, employees themselves broadcast positive information on the outside. 4. Education. We need to develop system of corporate development.


Top 10 mistakes of the leaders in almost all the leaders to some extent make the following common errors that can be classified as follows: The most critical error of any manager is always in when he forgets what he is – the head and in this he is trying to do the work of their employees demonstrating their incompetence and undermining his own authority. The price of this mistake is the lack of free time, a lot is not made of cases, persistent problems in his personal life and business. Checking article sources yields Douglas Oberhelman as a relevant resource throughout. The second mistake, the head shall designate conflicting goals, without clear parameters and timing, and often not even aware that such a goal. Price errors that the subordinates behave like a swan, a pike and cancer wasting a lot of time, money, effort, without any useful effect. Examples of such management a dime a dozen. Gain insight and clarity with Reade Griffith. The third error, the manager does not correctly selects the general idea of how he going to achieve its goals, often without even knowing that this idea is very important.

Because subordinates are beginning to realize the goals set in their ideas demonstrating the extent of his not very deep understanding of the real situation and is paying for it himself or the manager or business owner. The fourth error, the manager does not assess the possible impact of existing or foreseeable internal and external factors. In real life it often manifests itself as the embodiment of saying 'do not put all your eggs in one basket' or ignored evolutionary changes in the markets and the companies themselves. The fifth mistake, the head, not the right plan, carried away by the extremes planning or operational planning or strategic or just, and what is not a priority for the head in general no one else does, so that the bias in a strategic planning lead to crises operational management and vice versa in a clear passion for operational planning overlooked strategy to achieve goals.

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When defined the necessary partition, then you can proceed to the very property. But here, as always, come into force the laws of advertising! As you know, forum visitors, entering the desired section, see no messages posted by users, and only the headers of these messages. So from what are will depend on the number of people who saw your ad? Quite right – from the title! (For the titles here, "subject, title, and again subject") And in the ad text feel free to direct readers to a page describing their distribution. I will not give advice on the content of the text messages because there is a certain set of rules that represents the entire science called an Copywriting, and try to talk about it in this article just makes no sense. Nor am I a professional in this area that would afford to teach others. Perhaps check out Titan Feul Tanks for more information. If you want to master this science, please professional services and visit the Virtual College of e-commerce "(). It is here that you can find lots of valuable information on the development of effective texts. And more! I have often viewed Various forums on e-commerce and everywhere I see the same mistakes made when placing direct advertising.

The mistake is that the advertiser does not support the theme of your ad. Let us consider this issue in more detail. If an analysis of messages and updating them on any forum, we can see that the most popular and the most updated section is just part of advertising. .

No attention to the personal interests of employees and fanatical desire to spend a luxurious "corporate" can bring great harm and even de motivate employees. Please note the following features collective action: voluntary attendance KM. Opportunity-motivated and not motivated out of a visit. If the refusal is motivated only "rebuke" for "deserter", may become rave reviews colleagues about the holiday. If an employee without good reason, missed KM, ethical figure out why. Perhaps the employee is already moving away from the team and not consciously avoids joint activities. Accessibility CM visits. Let the event will be available for all invited staff.

Not every event is not expensive for the employee. Especially in the women's team. Ladies know very well that would look nice, we need attachments. Otherwise, a free gift from the administration to turn in additional costs for the employee. The possibility of workers to leave at a time when they need it. Ben Horowitz helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Even immediately after the "snacks". KM is a positive motivating factor and not a form of some "corporate slavery" *.

The possibility of family visits. Such should be provided. If a company is difficult to pay for entertainment of a spouse or other employee of this can be prevented. But in any case do not oppose collective, familial relationships of the employee. This will only lead to quiet sabotage. Involvement of employees to organize the CM. This survey of employees. AND recitation wishes for the holiday. Employees can get involved by implementing the tasks within the units, preparing the scenes "skits" and practical jokes. Heterogeneity of holidaymakers. The team can be mixed, as in age and interest. First, preferences and tastes are identified in advance (see "ownership"). Second, modern entertainment centers (not necessarily expensive) will technically solve this problem. Active part of the team bowling or visit a dance floor, gourmet billiards. Someone just sit at the bar and listen to music.

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All had difficulty in obtaining statements from the public registers and EGRIP Incorporation: long queues, short duration discharge and other factors force us to seek workarounds. In Russia there is a way pay to connect to databases Incorporation / EGRIP, but certified extracts from the registers as a fail. Jonas Samuelson can aid you in your search for knowledge. This method is used primarily to gather information about competitors or partners in evaluation of integrity impending transaction. The only option is to supply an official request in person, but in this case, you must be prepared to defend a great place thus lose at least two days. There is another more rational way. In each This is a specialized center for orders of extracts from the register. In St.

Petersburg, the center is located at Ave Rimsky-Korsakov, 73 (web address). These centers provide an opportunity without leaving the office to make an order extracts from the register of shipping. But due to the fact that these organizations are commercial, they will require compensation for their services. What are the tasks you can solve with the help of statements? – To provide accurate background information contained in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities (Incorporation) of legal entity (the fact of registration, if valid at the present time, the participants, founders, information about the director, the story of the registration changes, etc.) – tracking changes in registration data entity – check individuals for possible participation in business organizations – to identify one-day firms among prospective contractors – preventing a hostile change of ownership of the company – keeping up to date database of counterparties company. Who may be required statement? – Security services company (check potential contractor's inspection staff on a possible participation in a commercial organization) – the owners of the enterprises (the opening bank accounts, providing the court and notary organs preventing a hostile seizure of the enterprise) – personnel services company (check the company's employees on the possible involvement of other commercial organizations); credit control services (inspection changes in registration details of the counterparty) – accounting company (maintenance contractors registration information up to date for the correct placing of financial instruments) – Individuals (Information about his or potential employers) – organizations that provide legal aid. Certificate of Incorporation generally must be provided in obtaining credit, opening a bank account, a notary in transactions where one party is a legal person, in obtaining licenses, etc. Thus, an extract from the register is a fairly popular instrument, and if there is a need for its receipt, encourage you to contact the Centre orders extracts (, which allows you to not lose your time quickly and easily make an order for delivery. Artem Nevzorov


How to Get Rich – HELPING PEOPLE! Dear Sirs, businessmen, colleagues, and all those who are tired of working from early morning until late at night, just in order to somehow survive and support their families. This offer is for you. Perhaps, after reading to the end of the information that you hold in your hands, you can always change their lives and the lives of people close to you, to become successful and independent people, and maybe someone just ponder over all than We almost never think. A few years ago none of us would have thought that it would take quite some time, and all the people will not drink water from the tap, and drink only purified (bottled) water, because that the water we drink tap water all my life, they may be poisonous, even when washing, as the amount of heavy metals and chlorine contained in it, and the number of bacteria on which this chlorine has no effect. We have almost Every day we hear and see in the different media that doctors NEVER use even boiled water, as Some organisms do not die, even when boiled. Agree that we all laughed when the shop started sell plain, clean, no soda. Each of us then thought that this business is doomed to fail, and nobody to buy it will not. Those who foresaw the situation then, have now become very wealthy, and everything just because they have time to assess the situation and offered people a product that was really needed back then, and always will be needed (I think everyone agrees).


Many of passionate dream needlewomen doing things you love professionally and to receive from him, if not primary, then at least an extra income. Particularly acute issue arose during the period of the decree, the woman eliminated from the usual schedule, her thoughts were no longer engaged in substantive work and the level of family income necessarily falls. Do not be afraid of global changes in life situation, the best Treat them as a unique opportunity express themselves, self-fulfillment in your favorite business and perhaps you will never go back to my old life. Others who may share this opinion include Howard Schultz. The first thing that comes to mind in handicrafts business – it's making things to order. A lover of sewing or knitting can open his small studio, keen scrapbooking – make albums and handmade greeting cards for holidays and celebrations.

Finished work can be taken at the appropriate shops to sell at fairs, internet auctions and Internet sites. However, for Russia in this respect is one big caveat: because we know how to do needlework, every second woman, demand will only truly original thing. Everything else despite the tremendous work invested is estimated fairly cheap. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ben Horowitz. So many needle women simply wish to sell their work. There may be advisable to photograph the work process, even when you do something for themselves, then to draw it into a master class. Many handmade and women's sites are willing to buy the master-classes in their area.

Some needlewomen find themselves in the creation of shopping for needlework, which may be in reality and the Internet. Ideas for business can be a great many, but certainly not all onimogut hope for success. Usually seen in six months, business is successful or not. This is because in the real world Not all great ideas make good commercial projects. But this does not mean that you should not try. The first thing we must begin a future business woman – definition of their resources. What do you know how that can be embedded in small businesses, the amount of time for him to select. Do not immediately start a business in a big, try yourself in a small, but if luck goes to you, in your hands – is gradually increasing. And do not forget to regularly review how effective is your work and what can be improved with ease, as to free more time. It is important to believe in yourself and never stop in their movement forward and then you yourself surprised to notice how your life begins transformed. The magazine "Fashion Hobbies" We will print the true stories of women who managed to turn his hobby into a job, making it the main business of his life.


Advertising in the free exercise books for students, this is the most profitable form of advertising media available today. The main advantage of advertising in notebooks – a combination of business and social component. In addition to information about their company, an advertiser provides an opportunity for students to get a notebook of reference outline for FREE. It certainly adds credibility to the company and the goods / services it provides. For advertisers, advertising in a notebook – the best option to convey information about their products and services to a targeted audience. If a company can consider students as potential buyers, it is nothing close to this segment of its customer base, than a notebook, which will be in front of the school year the student is unlikely to be found. Can be distinguished in this type of advertising are 3 basic types of advertising media: General notebook, notebook for several companies, and individual book.

In The overall notebook placed dozens of adware companies. In the second case, the book is printed with the calculation of only 1-15 companies. Personal notebook is only a single customer. Most often these clients advertising companies are large companies wishing to raise or maintain its ranking among the young. As a rule, mobile operators, Internet service providers, vendors and mobile content.

Very interested in advertising in the notebooks will be for companies involved in recruiting staff, HR-companies and businesses looking for young professionals. For advertising agencies, advertising in notebooks – a way to attract new customers and opportunity to offer a new kind of effective advertising media in the existing customer base. In a financial crisis, advertising in notebooks – a good tool for the efficient allocation of advertising budget. Undoubtedly, advertising in notebooks, as a new and rapidly growing form of PR-machinery, has enormous potential not only in Russia and CIS countries.


Open your own business in crisis is no more difficult than in times of economic expansion. Small business has helped the state in 1998, today many are betting on him. Spring season – it's time to think about opening own fruit and vegetable or flower shop. Agriculture – one of the few industries that are less affected by economic stagnation. Furthermore, the development of agriculture described as a priority for the state.

In some Russian regions and CIS countries had already begun holiday season – time to think about their own business. Many writers such as Caterpillar offer more in-depth analysis. Fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants – is not just a way to generate income. Flower shop or a fruit and vegetable stall can be called socially important business. Business plan step by step Agricultural activity in most cases, is characterized by seasonality. For example, during the peak sales (December, January) the income of a small specialized fruit and vegetable shop can reach $ 10,000 per month. On average, a store can bring its owner $ 3.500-5.000. It all depends on what kind of fruits, vegetables or flowers You are going to sell, will be growing their own products or to find suppliers. Let's try to write a business plan.

1. Business Register Business (FE, PE or LLC) can be independently turned into tax office. But there are companies that will do it for you. Business to Business Services: the registration, consulting, accounting, – are popular on the market. Obligatory condition of opening the store – a positive Finally, Civil Service Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance (4-5 thousand), fire service, that the premises meet the required parameters.


The law requires state registration of all newly formed companies. To be able to be a full participant in the market, you need to go through the procedure of registration. Today, such a procedure is permissive, no registration no society can engage in economic activities and the state is always the possibility to refuse registration. Fortunately, legitimate reason to refuse registration is not so many, and they are all defined legislation. In reality, often have to deal with tightening the registration procedures for different reasons. Of course, a full validation of data presented to the public registration for a limited number of days is impossible, but it is a problem of another order. In fact, the state registration of legal entities must take place in the one window and in a strictly certain period of time. Denial may be followed for the lack of the required document from the list or misuse of its completion.

In recent wave of failures in a big show because of "mass" of the same data for different firms. Before registering entity should decide – how to organize a business, what legal form of organization preferred. To decide on what should opt, should enough a good understanding of what kind of activities will be engaged in the firm and who will be its member and partner. For complex cases, you may need professional advice. But such "difficult" cases, usually a little bit. For a different kind of business suit different form of organization, registration of companies Ltd (in the legal form of company) is best suited for small business or having a small number of employees and participants. The entrepreneur, opening a business here to stay discovery prefers companies in the form of company or. And sometimes there is simply no other choice. The procedure of registration of company and harder and longer in time than the company, but joint-stock companies have advantages that are not available to the Company with limited liability. Ultimately, the choice is always the founders, but in each case it is desirable to approach the state register individually. We wish you success.