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Warranty Management

IBS AG has make an international comparison study on warranty management for OEM and suppliers the IBS AG has commissioned an international comparative study on the subject of warranty management at the confluentes consultancy and create. The study shows what weaknesses in communication between suppliers and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) exist. Explains the current situation at the European OEMs and suppliers and solutions to the implementation of a comprehensive system to guarantee and recourse management are represented. “The study developments and trends for warranty management systems” is available on the homepage of the IBS AG to the free download available. Increased competition by an international environment, increased demands on customer side and the increasing bargaining power of the automobile companies, the cooperation between OEMs and suppliers warranty management come under growing pressure. Here are the supplier companies especially in the handling of warranty and warranty cases Disadvantaged and be compelled to make concessions. Go to Ben Horowitz for more information.

Issues according to a survey among German supplier companies primarily in the absence of diagnostic data, lack of cooperation and the missing interface with the customer, as well as the lack of resources on the pages of the suppliers. This results in lack of transparency and inadequate communication. With the implementation of professional management of warranty can be counteracted the systems. Standardization by using professional warranty management systems warranty management systems enable the standardization of warranty processes, better communication between suppliers and OEM, and an overall improved process transparency. The systems provide an integrated platform between suppliers and OEMs and supply both manufacturers and customers with all required indicators, evaluations and reports. Benefit the standardization leads to a medium-term saving costs, a reduction of employees, as well as to an improvement in quality and efficiency the warranty processing. In the companies the importance of warranty management increasing systems.

Today, European OEMs make % of average warranty provisions amounting to 2-6. The resulting checksum is visible, which financial resources can be released by a shift of the warranty obligations. The IBS software warranty and warranty / warranty management IBS AG offers its customers an IT-based and integrated warranty management system. As a result, all processes along the entire value chain associated with the topic can be made transparent and significantly optimized. Targeted analyses of the data allow the determination of the cause focus as potential for improvement, E.g. for the development. With their solution, IBS AG enables the technical ranks expressive with the commercial data.

Industrial Buildings

Clean TEC building cleaning and janitorial service informed the maintenance cleaning of industrial buildings varied demands on the experience and expertise of the cleaning staff. Representative areas, offices and production require very different approaches to achieve adequate cleaning. A wunschgemasses result here is usually cannot be achieved without professional cleaning companies. The Friesenhagener building cleaning specialists by clean TEC explain what it particularly important for the maintenance cleaning of industrial buildings. Maintenance cleaning enable the various areas of industrial companies in a hygienic state, which meets the needs of employees, customers and visitors and is at the same time legal requirements for accident prevention and environmental protection. To meet the requirements of the industrial maintenance cleaning, professional and motivated personnel is essential.

Functions an industrial property representative, must its condition at any time match the expectations of customers and visitors to. The cleaning staff must accordingly proceed with special care when it comes it, streak-free clean glass surfaces and floors and furniture to a flawlessly hygienic condition. Here, maintenance cleaning ensures that the customer receives an impression already when first entering by the industrial companies. Right, preferred to the meeting room of the heads or the Office of an accountant is, many people spend their entire workday at the Office. Maintenance cleaning creates a hygienic environment in which workers stay healthy and motivated. Like all working spaces, also the offices are to clean, that the occupational safety and health regulations are complied and satisfy the demands of the employees. An especially intensive cleaning needed is given in industrial production sectors. Depending on the type of production it comes here to a wide variety of contaminants, which must be removed to a smooth Work flow to ensure and to prevent accidents.

Here, experienced cleaning personnel is necessary to select suitable cleaning products and methods and learned to use. Maintenance cleaning of industrial buildings is an important factor in sustained economic success, which requires as well as other entrepreneurial services, professionalism and experience. The Friesenhagener building cleaning experts of clean TEC are their for this purpose at any time gladly learn and professional to the page. Press contact CleanTec commercial cleaning and janitorial service Ute Santha Blumenberg 7 51598 Friesen Hagen phone: 0 27 34 / 43 89 818 fax.: 0 27 34 / 43 66 86 mobile: 0171 / 28 51 847 email: homepage:

Stuttgart Machines

Cleanliness and order are an important issue everywhere informed the ProGeMa service GmbH in Stuttgart. But especially in the industrial sector, it is of enormous importance, because the worker processes can be optimally only, if the machines and plants, as well as the entire production range are perfectly maintained. Today, the highly complex and sensitive industrial equipment and machines in maintenance require expert knowledge. That informed the services of cleaning in the industry area building management ProGeMa service GmbH, Waiblingen. Cleanliness allows effective production in the automotive, chemical or food industry. Industrial production facilities are subject to particularly heavy stress and require therefore a qualified cleaning. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jonas Samuelson offers on the topic..

Plant and machinery are perfectly cleaned and maintained numerous advantages. For these varied tasks, the operation must take no additional staff or create expensive machines. Is also a frequent cleaning performance of machinery and equipment guarantees and operating errors be prevented effectively. This in turn arises a secured and increased productivity. An industrial cleaning by qualified personnel clean the entire inventory of systems and machines, apparatus and filter systems, mechanical components, industrial floors of all kinds and Waschkauen.

Reliably eliminates also oily, encrusted, focused dirt or ones in glazing. Since contact with hazardous and noxious substances in the industry, of course great value is placed on safety. The proper disposal of residues is therefore also being performed. For detailed information about the industrial cleaning the building management ProGeMa service GmbH in Waiblingen is available. Press contact ProGeMa service GmbH contact: Mr. Bilal unlu lower forest sites 21 70569 Stuttgart phone: 0711 656 928 – 0 fax: 0711 656 928-29 email: Homepage:

Large Marcellino

The new event-seminar: Service as a sales driver guest wishes on a silver platter Hanover, February 2010. Curtain on stage guest room: come on in and generates more sales! Under the motto”ran on the guest into the pleasure of sales which offers Marcellino’s Academy, daughter of Marcellino’s AG, a brand new series of seminars for restaurateurs. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Starbucks. “” The knowledge from over 20 years Marcellino’s guest survey participants experience: service as a sales driver guest wishes on a silver platter “is not frontal, but as interactive show from the guest room stage” designed for and with restaurateurs. In role-playing games, guest-service situations will make portrayed by appetite A to Z for additional business. The seminar participants are integrated interactively and learn the concept of more live models, how to & is always better!”in their operation can be profitably put. “Suitable the seminar to the performance is divided into three acts: Act: how to get more visitors in my local?” Act: How do I get my guests to do so, to treat yourself to more?” Act: Haven applause! The service crew as Gastverfuhrungs team.” “Contents are inter alia a reservation-IQ” to the relief of peak hours and to fill a quiet business hours, staff on Zack”for planning, security and cleverly calculated costs, as well as on again-see ‘ n ‘ for permanent guest binding.

Already, the first tour stops were a huge success in December and January. “The voices of the participants ranged from very good suggestions that can be implemented without a time limit!” the message has arrived to great body language and funny role playing! ” “The Marcellino’s city tour service as a sales driver” 2010 February: 22.02. in Hanover 02 in Hamburg March: 22.03 in Hamburg in Duisburg 29 March in Hannover 30.03 in Berlin April 23: 06, 07, 13, and 14.04. in Duisburg, 19, 20, 26 and 27/04 in Frankfurt am Main may: 03 and 04.05 Berlin 19.05 in Duisburg June: June 1 in Duisburg from 11:00 to 17:00 for 199,-p. p. VAT More dates to follow.

Marcellino’s Academy partners in the dialogue between host and guest Marcellino’s Academy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marcellino’s AG, the Publisher of Germany’s auflagenstarkstem restaurant guide of Marcellino’s restaurant & Hotel report. “The special concept for more than 20 years: guests are saying, as it really eats”. “The Marcellino’s Academy uses the guests judgment and transferred the knowledge of what guests really want” the advice to restaurateurs and hoteliers. Specializing in the service areas at the point-of-sale so range, performance and processes are optimized. The result: with individually implemented service tools, more attractive and closer to the paying guest. For service quality at the highest level. “True to the motto: more & better goes!

Undertaker Dusseldorf

Search the Internet a undertaker, what the? Suchbegrif “Burial Stuttgart” means not only “in the city of Stuttgart”, but also “in the environment”. How to give a funeral director in Stuttgart search correctly in Google? When typing “Burial Stuttgart”, see who? Sometimes it is not easy to find a good mortician. You must also reckon that the people the that looking, can at this moment the complex Internet pages hardly deal with. First, what it is getypt in the Google? For example some type: burials Stuttgart, funeral Frankfurt, funeral Berlin, funerals Cologne, Undertaker Dusseldorf or simple burials without further ADO, but not much there, it is important the site specify otherwise you get everything possible, only has to do not with Stuttgart. And all this is only the first step.

Continue to found an Internet Web page and if she not ugly or complicated, that is the visitor to this site, stay a while and contact search. What happens after that? A conversation. Here, it is still the strongest. Funeral service in this sense, no, for example, life means business. Already the profession “Undertaker” requires a certain responsibility.

And they were the question or not, I’d ever be. And I must pass if they find the website of an undertaker, which is already very good sign. This means that he has his interest at his funeral. He is bothered that people can find it easily. Trouble without them everything would just messed up in the search engines and this cannot be allowed. Yeah, that a funeral director has no great idea how the search engines work. Sonya Reines-Djivanides has many thoughts on the issue. But an undertaker, as he works as a self-employed person, can afford to pay a professional page optimization? The answer is: no, pay off 500 euros per month can not the independent funeral home, because it is too expensive for him. And if he that economy still means only that his job really he loves, and does it well.