The conditions under which the interventions in the motivation are effective or not still need complementary studies. It is I number great it of executives nowadays that wide its jobs with the highest remunerations to satisfy other necessities that are not tied with the remuneration, the example given for ADRIOLO, does not run away from the reality that we are living. 2 Other Models of Theory Theories of the Motivation in the Work Have some theories on motivation for the work, the majority of them sharing some common elements. According to WAGNER; HOLLENBECK, (1999) ' ' The theories of motivation in the work normally are worried more about the reasons of what with the abilities that take some individuals to carry through its tasks better of what outros' '. The motivation in the work nor always is accurately equal for all.

The Theory of the Reinforcement: It describes as you reward or reinforcements can affect the behavior. consequences are positive whenever the people feel pleasure with its proper performance. Second this theory, behaviors related to the work, that have been rewarded, find greater probability of if repeating in the future. It declares that the probability of the occurrence of one determined behavior increases will have been followed for one rewards; inversely, the probability of a behavior diminishes if it will be followed of punishment. The Theory of the Expectation: Search to explain you reward as them takes the definitive behaviors, focusing interior cognitivos states that provoke the motivation. The theory of Expectativa or Expectncia, model of motivation developed for Vroom (1964) is an ample theory on motivation that tries to explain the determinative ones of the attitudes and the behaviors in the workstation. The three main underlying concepts to this theory are of Valence, Instrumentalidade and Expectativa. The Theory of Auto-Effectiveness: In accordance with this theory, the motivation for a task is related to the fact of that people believe or that sa capable not to conclude the task successfully.

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The main function of a manager says respect its effectiveness, of the understanding that this has in dominating the three main dimensions of a work: What? one mentions the activities functional of the work; Why? it says respect the purpose and the objectives of the work; How? that they are the behaviors necessary to obtain the execution of the work. In this context, the manager of projects has as main function, the paper integrator and entrepreneur and must possess a leadership paper mainly front its team. The work of the project controlling differs from the executed one for the functional controlling in function of the boarding used in relation to the following aspects: Administration of staff: the project manager must use a persuasion style and motivation to keep I continue it support of the involved ones in the project. Management of Interfaces: the project manager must always emphasize the integration of the tasks and activities played in elapsing of the project, in its organizacionais and sistmicos aspects, a time that each area functions presents its particular intentions and objectives, causing to misunderstandings and conflicts. Being thus, function is perceived that the manager of projects exerts, integrator, making the balancing of factors many conflicting times. Managemental perspective: the project manager presents a basically organizacional approach and has a wide amplitude of interests. This approach is presented as predominantly managemental; the project manager must execute all its administrative functions required by the project, co-ordinating and synchronizing the activities of the project with its superiors, subordinate, other controlling, users, etc. When he mentions yourself to the functional aspects of the manager of projects inside of the organization, such fact if he becomes sufficiently controverted, therefore he must act next to the administration, speaking of budgets, stated periods and politics, and next to team of technology, development and performance. She must follow the intentions of the high administration, at the same time where they must they can execute efficiently works under its responsibility. Additional information is available at Reade Griffith.

Exportations For Brazil, Without Any Problem. Exportation for Brazil is a long trip, thinks that not! If you to give one looked in all the products, alimentary, txteis ingredients, fabrics, automobiles and merchandises around you, what it is the only thing that many of these products have in common? Much of them is not original of Brazil. Much of these common item of daily use of every day is really an exportation for Brazil from foreign countries. The capacity to act in the foreign commerce with some commercial partners, either in the Europe, U.S.A., Argentina, India, Pakistan, Thailand, and in China, is significant importance for the Brazilian economy the global commerce is basic for the survival of Brazil and its capacity to keep one high quality of life for its population. See Andreessen Horowitz for more details and insights. Then, what accurately you have that to make to start to carry for Brazil? If it will be only one small embarkment can be carried by airplane or she will be one great load of dispatched merchandises for ship? The first thing that you must make is if to make familiar to the legal aspects and regulations that prevail what it can or not to matter for Brazil. You must know the costs, tariffs, taxes, tributes and must pay for its importation, as well as the ones of the documentation, that will have to present to the competent authorities? Which the licenses or that type of certificates, will be the case, you needs to have? All this information is available through Brazilian Customs. Before you can get authorization to import its products what you need to pass for customs. That is where you must declare and classify its goods, to pay to the necessary rights and the tariffs, and they have that to be inspected by an employee of customs. You also must present all the necessary documentation.

Some of the elements that create to the necessity of reorganization in the management of the property are: the high indebtedness, decapitalization, increase of the financial cost, edges of declining profits, scarcity or increase of the costs of the insumos and services and lack of credit. In this way, we see that it is basic that the agricultural producer well is informed on the composition and the behavior of its costs to elaborate strategies of action based on trustworthy, weighed data and that they search the best alternatives possible, beyond making possible the anticipated visualization of restrictions and difficulties imposed for the changes in the levels of price of market of the component elements of the agricultural cost. The history of the city of iturama is well counted through its first inhabitants who arrived begin in it for this city. Iturama, is the 750 kilometers of Belo Horizonte, in the Mining Triangle, was born of the dream of the proprietor of Santa Rosa farm, owner Francisca Justiniana de Andrade. Made use to create a town, the farmer donated in 24 of March of 1897, 189 alqueires of land to the Diocese of Uberaba.Em the area, next to the Rio Grande, grew the Town of Santa Rosa, in a region inhabited for Caiaps indians and of gorgeous waterfalls.

In 17 of December of 1938, district of Green Campina became (Decree In. 148). Five years later (31 of December of 1943), it passes if to call Camlia. In the emancipatrio act (Law 336 of 27 of December of 1948) he was definite the current name. Iturama (yty-terama) means ‘ ‘ region of falls d? gua’ ‘ , probably in reference to the great waterfalls that existed where it is currently the Red Water Plant.

An car of golf is a small projected vehicle to around carry two golfistas and its equipment from golf of a golf field. The clubs of Golf, many times have a fleet of cars of golf, that they are available for lease of the field of golf so that its customers to be able to dislocate itself all for the field, with much less effort. Some players of golf are eager to buy its car of golf that they can be stored in its club for a tax. When having its proper car of golf, finishes saving! If not to want to spend much money in a stand thus, can even though buy in second hand. Cars of golf exist in an ample gamma of models and are manufactured by diverse companies, as club to car, therefore they generally have the following dimensions: 4 meters of width and 8 meters of length, are small stands. Some are standard and only contain most basic, including a seat upholstered and a rain layer. Others resemble the vehicles of luxury, personalized wheels, door-cups, devices of sound villages and some exclusive ones of the high classroom, as well as, some communities that make use, of these stands of golf for its transport inside of the local areas, data the lesser cost of the use of these stands. It is if becoming each more evident time that the cars of golf are versatile vehicles that are not more restricted to the community of golf.

This is the consequence not only of an agricultural quarter that keeps a small population, but of all a region where the cities are of small transport. Exactly having administrative headquarters, these cities do not obtain to promote its growth, to the times they coexist the population decline, or at other times, they only obtain to keep the population without many alterations. On the other hand part of the remaining population possesss automobiles, what it facilitates the locomotion, excusing the collective transport, only using it in last case. All this population movement hindered the growth that was before idealized for the inhabitants: without production, without inhabitants, the locality becomes – incapable to attract a development, that can make to return to the quarter the elements that made of this an active place in the past. Another consequence that we can analyze of all this change is the religious and social question: the masses and cults had diminished, being carried through with lesser frequency, the ball game lost its ' ' jogadores' ' for the cities, the balls had been extinct.

In the social scene, what it remained was the traditional one quermesse of ' ' Cabeceira' ' , carried through for some inhabitants and collaborators of Amrico De Campos, in the Communitarian Center Waidman Joo (figure 12). Its annual accomplishment brings in return to sanction the festividade some old inhabitants who use to advantage the date to relembrar the old times. Figure 12-Headboard of Backwaters communitarian Center Waideman Joo Photo of the author, nov. /2009. The community starts to live only of memories, where the inhabitants who had remained are the most aged or grandsons and children of people who had always inhabited in the place. The houses still are the same ones, nothing of new are constructed, only remodelled, currently can find average of 80 inhabitants, the impression that if has when passing for the main street in determined hourly is of a city ghost, as well as in the American films of old west (figure 13).

(Wolves apud OAK, 2005, p.79). To Maximiano (2006), the quality of products or services must pass for the criteria of: excellency, raised standard more of performance; value, to have more attributes; specifications, as the product or service must be; conformity, product or service in accordance with the specifications of the project; identical regularity, products or services and adequacy to the use, quality of project and absence of defects. Rotondaro (1997) says that the quality alone effectively is concluded, when enters in scene the producer of the quality and the consumer of the quality. For the producer, quality is conformity with the specifications and, under the point of view of the consumer, quality is the attendance of the expectations of the customer. Thus, quality is a set of performance characteristics of a product or service that, in compliance with the specifications, takes care of e, for times, surpasses the expectations and yearnings of the consumer (customer). For even more opinions, read materials from Starbucks.

Juran, according to Maximiano (2006, p.105), when introducing rules and methodologies for the establishment for the quality, according to perspective of the customer, emphasizes that ' ' quality is adequacy of the product or service to the use, that is, to the necessity of consumidor' '. In the opinion of Oliveira (2004) the quality in the services is the totality of characteristics of this executed service of ample and satisfactory form. Quality is the capacity to satisfy desires and has adjusted to the standards of the preferences of the consumer. It is the degree of excellency to an acceptable price and the control of variability to an acceptable cost. One concludes then that, to understand the term quality, we need to identify the objectives in some studied boardings. The definitions have for base the production, the user, the excellency concept, the product, the value and others. Each organization will have to adopt one or more definitions, or until different definitions for different public, in accordance with its politics and approach of the quality.

The Human being has in itself present intelligence, but, why teima in leaving everything as future projects? ‘ ‘ It hurries to live and it thinks it well you that each day is by itself, one vida’ ‘. Sneca? Roman philosopher PERSONAL INTERESTS? Personal interests? This exactly delays the upward march of itself (a) and the Humanity. When the reason is apt to understand, is because the moment arrived to carry through. ‘ ‘ The study of metaphysics it consists of looking for, in one dark room, a black cat that is not l’ ‘. Voltaire? French philosopher. The AGE OF THE ONE LATER Already we are in century 21, the age of the one later, not valley more, therefore until the babies they are being born of opened eyes to follow the present march, not to lose time.

The reporters now are momentary. ‘ ‘ That one that everything postpones, will not leave nothing concluded, nor perfeito’ ‘. Democritus? Greek philosopher. HE IS NOT EXCEEDED Will be that it has people wanting to come back to year One? It wants to eat with the hands or it better finds to use places setting same with 10% of intelligence that has? ‘ ‘ My past is everything how much I did not obtain to be. Nor the sensations of gone moments me are saudosas: what it is felt demands the moment; passed this, it has one to capsize page and history continues, but not it texto’ ‘. Fernando Person? Poet and Portuguese Writer the NATURAL EFFECT the Natural Effect had always been to the front of the Human beings.

They did not perceive because they placed the head in one another place. What this caused? Delay in the time of the huge accomplishments in benefit of the Humanity. All the land is to the reach of the scholar, since the father of a high soul is the Universe. Democritus? Greek philosopher. The REAL TIME the Real Time will charge of intelligent the o lost time, therefore, great terrestrial, celestial, human earthquakes and spirituals will scare, them, and place in its due places what they are leaving stop later. sobrevieram lightning, voices thunders, and occurred a great earthquake, as it never had equal since that it has people on the land; such was the earthquake, great fort and. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 16:18. THE SPACE IS THIS? The Space is not what the incarnate man wants, but is that one who is inside of it as an Immortal Spirit, and that it makes quickly through its exempts thought. It finds that it is not thus? It does not use of false humildade stops with you, therefore, the age it is of now. Example: The adobe if becomes a jar in the powerful hands of the potter. Long ago, if it would need a thousand potters to make some jars. Now, the machine the aid. It commands the machine! That is, either more agile in the good accomplishments. ‘ ‘ All the man is guilty of the good that not fez’ ‘. Voltaire? French philosopher.

They are some so linked areas where the Administrator can act that complex becomes ‘ ‘ descrever’ ‘ one paper for the same; the amount of information that turns around this professional, of which it must select and to catch the ones that will be necessary for its branch of performance is very great. One becomes necessary that the Administrator is on to everything what happens its return, and mainly, that is opened the new information, new technologies and innovations that it will be useful at a coming moment inside of the organization. We can cite the increase of the number of the courses of Administration as example of the influence that the profession comes exerting in the market; this increase consequently increased the number of pupils and professors of the superior level; this increase of pupils will cause an increase of qualified professionals in the work market, since that these absorb the possible maximum of the offered knowledge, generating an improvement of the quality of the management in such a way of how much private public companies. Social projects developed by some Administrators of companies not only generate the approach of the same one with the society as it becomes possible that this has better conditions of life. In the subject Economy, the Administrator assists, among others forms, mainly through the generation of jobs and income, searching to alavancar the resources invested in its company, what he benefits thousand of Brazilians, contributing for the reduction of the marginality and still existing the social exclusion in the country. In short, the way is evident as the administrator influences in the history of Brazil in diverse ways, being all linked they; certainly, this profession has and still it will have not to offer for the growth of Brazil, developing to each day new knowledge and abilities that contribute more for the concretion of a consolidated Brazilian Economy. Bibiographical references CHIAVENATO, Idalberto. Administration in the new times.

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