AFRs Fiscal

E, later, searched to live deeply the daily one of the Net, through the accompaniment of its leaderships and visits to the constituent enterprises, in which it interviewed its responsible ones. The objective pursued with this metodolgica strategy was to explore this dynamics to act in net, to understand the process of constitution of the Net of the House and the conflicts that exist around the pertaining agroindstrias to this association. 3.Os Agricultural Familiar challenges of the Agroindstrias of the Net of the House: Legislation and Formation of Nets. According to Mior (2005), in middle of years 90, it of the agricultural producers under the point of view of the regulation of the activity of processing is aggravated problematic food commercialization, therefore from now on, the responsible legal apparatus for the control of the agro-industrial activities was decentralized, transferring to the sphere of cities and federative states the function of regulation of these, what cause bigger pressure on the producers. Three barriers exist basically according to author that hinder the development of agricultural familiar agroindstrias: of sanitary, ambient and fiscal order (tax). Many scholars have argued the sanitary legislation, for being compartimentada and to be applicable the reality of small enterprises not being thus for the AFRs an to be exceeded obstacle, mainly in the direction to extend commercialization nets. The ambient legislation also possesss not condizentes requirements with the reality, based in studies of ambient polluting impact great that had not been thought for a structure of lesser transport. This scene imposes challenges and exactly stimulates the formularization of alternatives in this secular space of middle of years 90, when public programs appear of stimulaton to the AFRs as an attempt of overcoming to the impediments created by the legislation. As tax occurred with the fiscal legislation that from 1993 was attenuated with a program of the government of the state in the direction to facilitate to the sales of processed products of substance proper cousin with the producer block.