Farming Cooperative

Being the thematic area of the project, the controladoria. According to Gil, the documentary research is very seemed the bibliographical one. ' ' The difference is in the nature of the sources, therefore this form valley of materials that had still not received a treatment analytical, or that still the objects of pesquisa&#039 can be reelaborados in accordance with; '. (GIL, 2002, p 46). ' ' The personal interview will be applied by the researcher, using the method of the communication how much to the estruturao degree and disguise, that if characterizes for not having a predefined structure of questions and respostas' ' (MATTAR, 1994, p 51). Half-structuralized questionnaires will be used in the interview.

The comment method consists of the register of behaviors, facts and action that they had occurred in the work environment, without it had interference of the researcher. The questionnaire will be applied to all the employees of the Farming Cooperative of Piumhi. The questionnaire will be composed of open questions. According to Mattar (1994), ' ' the main advantages of the open questions the cooperation is the stimulaton and them also they allow to better evaluate the attitudes for analyses of the questions estruturadas.' ' Universe of the research is the totality of individuals that possess the same characteristics defined for one determined study. Sample is part of the population or the universe, selected in accordance with a rule or plan.

The sample can be probabilist and not-probabilist. For Fachin (2001, P. 46), this method if bases on the sets of procedures supported in the theory of the sampling and, as such, is indispensable in the study of certain aspects of the social reality where if it intends to measure the degree of correlation between two or more phenomena. The universe will be constituted by the employees of cooperative and will be adopted in this work intentional samples, that is, cases for the sample had been chosen that represent ' ' good julgamento' ' of the population universe.