The Reality

When it is said in enlisting people, to submit it admission tests or to train it for such, as much the conscription how much the staff election incurs into risks. For one better boarding, using material available in books, articles and works carried through in the area, to problems and possible solutions of if deciding the related questions are identified. According to Stuart Solomon, who has experience with these questions. 1,2 Given PROBLEM OF RESEARCH the presented context, appears the following problem of research, considered for the inquiry in the present study: Because the organizations if lose, when they need to carry through the planning of Human resources? 1,3 JUSTIFICATION All organization looks for to reach resulted global of the business, as economic value aggregate, growth, greater participation in the market and profitability, these is, in general, the organizacionais objectives more longed for, either even so desirable the uniformity of criteria in the conduction of each one of the ARH subsystems, what it occurs in the practical one is that many organizations or executives of the area privilege some of the subsystems in detriment of others, provoking unevennesses and assimetrias between them and until the loss of the effect of synergy in function of its treatment in set.

With respect to this work, importance is distinguished it of if to adjust the subsystems that if find in the top of the main topics enclosed for the ARH system, for one better exploitation of a global process and dynamic through which the people they are caught and attracted, applied in its tasks, kept, developed and monitorizadas for the organization, taking all a care to preserve the image of the company, 1,4 OBJECTIVES the objectives considered here are to evaluate the professionals and organizations of the area, with brief inquiry in books, magazines and available material for the Internet, to get a bigger understanding on the conscription area and election of staff, to question which the real objective of the organization, with respect to conscription and election, what to search in the people and as to arrive satisfactory results inside of the reality, consulting articles, magazines, books and available material in the Internet, I contend information related with the cited subject..