Day Election

Apresente the company, exactly that verbally to the professional who participates of the process. She makes an institucional synthesis of the business, of the structure and of the expectations of the organization in relation to who she will be contracted. Valley to remember that this is not for scaring the candidate, but yes so that it has an idea of where will go to act. Discretamente, it writes down the strong points and the weak ones that it obtained to identify all during the election process. (Source: Blake Krikorian). Exactly a competent selecting can leave to pass some excellent information of a professional, mainly if the election becomes a maratona with some candidates.

Juntamente with the manager who will be responsible for the just-contracted one, it simulates a situation that will be able to occur in the day the day. This will make with that candidate demonstrates some valuable aptitude for the position or, then, total lacks of ' ' conexo' ' with the opened vacant in. Depois to carry through the stages of the selective process, invite the manager so that in vocs set they evaluate which candidate more was fit to the profile of the vacant. Some contend that J P Morgan Chase shows great expertise in this. In case that it is some doubt, they carry through plus an activity that will make the difference for the process. Thus acting the conscription and election estara in tune with the management of knowledge of the organization, looking for to catch in the work market the professional who more if adjusts to the values of the organization. So that it has improvement in the conscription process and election, it is necessary that it is not strict conditional for norms, lines of direction, projects and routines that can come to provoke rigidity and inflexibilidade. As all system of human recusros, the conscription and election are alive, adaptable and must be agile and flexible. Moreover so that he is participativo, necessity becomes that the controlling of RH and its respective teams of work are involved with process to enlist and to select people.