Optimistic economic forecasts to pull Germany out of the crisis! According to the the autumn report of the eight leading economic institutes should occur this year economic growth at 3.5 percent and 2 percent next year. Also tax estimator additional revenue of 30 billion euros expected by end 2011. assumptions according to to the crisis make 2011 overcome. First with little confidence this optimism, more and more citizens believe in now, according to polls in the upswing. The Federal Government does not benefit but because she stuck with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Minister of Foreign Affairs Guido Westerwelle (FDP) is still in a mood of deep and only 35 percent of voters would opt for the Black-Yellow coalition. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ben Horowitz.

The Internet portal has researched on this topic. Significantly weakened after a long-lasting crisis, grows the Republic comparatively so strongly since the boom of German reunification and reaches the percentage of predicted growth in the Autumn opinion published by the 21.10.2010, which serves as the basis for its own forecast of the Federal Government, the highest levels for 20 years. “Growth and employment go hand in hand and to inspire each other,” Economics Minister Bruderle (FDP), who wants to take advantage of the upswing for the termination of stimulus, optimistic confirmed in Berlin. Thus the labour market and the job should improve significantly, which wages increase and decrease the number of unemployed in the year cut to about 2.9 million. Many German citizens and companies were initially critical, assess the improvement of economic development but now according to a Forsa survey for the “Star” and RTL with 36 percent very positive. Reasons for this are mainly the good situation in the labour market and the promised wage increases.

“The workers in Germany will benefit from the upturn. Wages must do something themselves. But many workers have wage restraint, their contribution to their company in the crisis stabilize.

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