Spiritual Journey

End of January 2010: A journey to self on a very special place: the great pyramid of Giza, the last of the seven wonders of the world. Some places are still free… A spiritual journey with meditation in the area of the pyramids of Giza, is something special. If there is then the possibility entirely exclusive to visit the great pyramid, which is something very special. The tour takes participants on the way to her own self.

Saganja de rissen directs a light Centre in Berlin and more recently this spiritual journey in the land of the Pharaohs. Habib Saeed asked them about this new project. Habib Schafer: what was the trigger to offer a spiritual journey to Egypt? Saganja: The trigger for the trip is the fact that I inaugurate in the seven stages of initiation Egypt for several years. Here, I offer this work in Berlin because Berlin is the city of the heart. Here we have again the true quality of our hearts the heart chakra at four different levels, which means that we’re capable of, find, to live and to grow. The seven stages of initiation Egypt were of course previously inaugurated at the pyramids. Egypt is part of energy considered the note of the world, i.e. There is the solar plexus and for this reason we find there the Sun God RA.

The solar plexus includes inner calm and inner peace. The ancient Egyptians were the mediators of energies between heaven and Earth. Did you know the origin of light and how it is complete with the light, to be connected. This knowledge of the strength and the power of the light has led among many Egyptians also to abuse of power and ultimately doomed. This fact prevents many Egyptians out to take their power. But ultimately it is also abuse of power, if not his skills and his power.