Iceland Journey

Northern Europe has become increasingly popular in recent years as a tourist destination. But who has ever spent his holiday in Scandinavia or other Nordic countries, knows the high prices and VAT rates. As the leader in the level of prices the North Atlantic island Iceland turns out for travellers again and again. Tourism something to strengthen the back and vacationers his stay more affordable to make, the Icelandic Parliament decided a reduction in value-added tax last year, which entered into force on 1 March 2007. The cost of food should be brought on the price levels of the other Nordic neighbours, Prime Minister Geir H.

Haarde said at that time. Also some duties should account for food and general duties on meat products. Today is only 7 percent value added tax on food and is thus still only half as high as it was before. Also 7 percent the tax on food in restaurants, where she previously was to pay full amount of 24.5 percent. More There are tax breaks now on goods such as books, magazines, hotel and guesthouse accommodation and heating costs. save yourself in the future also in currency of euros in Icelandic krona may allow. This fall the country Portal asked his readers on behalf of a customer of the amounts that they intend to switch for your Iceland vacation. Still, the Iceland portal would like to know whether the tourists for a better exchange rate would take a service provider to complete. The reader survey takes place until December 31, 2007, in a competition, in which some book vouchers will be raffled. Michael Feldmann