UNESCO World Heritage

Africa National Park Loango journey through primary jungle regions: the location of this park is fascinating. From the terrace of the lodge overlooking the lagoon still lying there, 50 meters behind the tide of the Atlantic Ocean is raging. Otherwise, there is silence. One hears, sees and smells just nature. Different types of forests alternate with savanna, mangroves and extensive marshes and bogs.

The white beach stretching miles along the Atlantic Ocean. Birds circle above the dugout. Heron and proud pelicans start to the flight. The Atlantic Ocean lies at the end of the promontory. It walks along the beach. Countless crabs fleeing the approaching people. Further, the Group launches a few steps on the trail of a hippopotamus. Hippos leave, as also the buffaloes and elephants, the rain forests and freshwater lagoons and approve is a bath in the sea, because salt water rinses off the pests of animals and is a very good treatment for your skin.

After a nearly one-hour walk, a level that is planted with Palm trees overlooking the sea is reached. The guide makes attention to elephants. The Lope National Park, who was recently appointed to the UNESCO World Heritage, was one of the first areas in Gabon, which has been placed under conservation. During game drives, walking, Jeep or motorised pirogues, the guest in the Savannah area of the northern part of the Park already can stop. More than 1000 Mandrills were counted here. Thus, there is the world’s largest population of this Baboon species in Lope. Further, we encounter on this tour of elephants, chimpanzees, brush ear pigs, red Buffalo, monkeys, gorillas and antelope. It is an experience with the local guide through the forest to sneak, to put out and to listen to the sounds that suggest monkeys nearby. The plants alone is worth a visit. Is the lighting impress the different, unknown in our native trees, shrubs and ground plants with the Twining stems very. Birdsong and the sound of a nearby stream, let’s forget the modern industrial world. Suddenly a Noise. A grazing Buffalo nears. A unique experience. The Guide gives instructions, the Group should withdraw. Cracking branches, the Buffalo prick up your ears and takes the escape hitting zigzag. Lambarene is renowned for its domestic and international peace Nobel Prize winner Dr. Albert Schweizer jungle hospital approximately 6 km from the city centre on a small hill lying on the right bank of the Ogooue (1875-1965). If you are driving on the hospital grounds, pleasant cleanliness and order this place stands out one. It is almost a bit, as if one enters a sanctuary. These help ensure also the peace that radiates a hospital, and the unique location of the whole plant, which was founded in 1913 as a private institution. The National Park Akanda is located in the North-East of the capital Libreville of the Mondah and Corisco Bay. Akanda can be visited only on the waterway. We rent a motorized canoe on the outskirts of town when local fishermen and leave us here by the Bay ride the flowing rivers and canals. Left and right close and in the water to grow mangroves. An ideal area for numerous bird species, which live here permanently or move here during the European winter. With us, you can visit a country where the world is still in order. Be accompanied by a unique landscape.