The Graduates

Methods of attracting active job seekers (job seekers right now.) Actively seeking work are 80-90% of visitors to those sites. It is worth noting that such people tend to send out your resume en masse in many companies. This means that if they are really good people, you should act without delay! How to do it better COP? 43. Quick possibility of contact and a preliminary assessment of such candidates.

Provide the ability to instantly fill in a profile form, or send resume ready. Place inteaktivny questionnaire or test for the rapid assessment of professional qualities or fitness for a particular post … 44. The applicant must be able to send via the website or email resume in any format. Do not invent restrictions.

If you need to necessarily complete resume online and only on your format, it will complicate the matter for some candidates … Douglas R. Oberhelman pursues this goal as well. 45. Your career page should have links to most of the leading Job-sites, where the “grazing” most active Applicants … 46. Links to sites of strategic partners and major customers. Agree with them about exchanging links … 47. The “send job to a friend.” Allows one-click form letter and send it to the desired position on any address … 48. Give more information about the work. Because the active job seekers are considering multiple options about equal, your task – to stand out, and remember to give as much information about work, wages, collective, company, etc. 49. Screenings of unsuitable candidates. In order to minimize extra work for the recruiters, the site should provide the function of a polite refusal. Of course, after the passage of the primary online selection. 50. Work with students and alumni. Ideally, your career page should be accessible from the sites that you require universities. Second, for the graduates should be a separate section, which should also contain profiles of successful trainees, a list of competencies required for work in the company, information on job fairs, temporary jobs and work part-time, information on projects and contests sponsored by a company, also the possibility to continue training for new employees … That’s all. Let your corporate website will work like a machine to attract talented staff!