The Arctic

Studies had pointed that in 2002, the CO concentration in the atmosphere already reached the mark of 370ppm (parts for million) and if kept these current trends, the projections with respect to 2050 are alarming, therefore, the one that everything indicates in this year the concentration Which the consequence of this? Simply it will have an addition of 6C in the temperature of the planet for return of year 2100, what in turn it will cause catastrophic effect, modifying substantially the conditions of life for all the species and the extinguishing of others. In 30 years it had a considerable reduction in glaciers and in special in the Patagnia, we also know that how much bigger the rise in the temperature, greaters will be the storms, the winds, the hurricanes unhappyly we are witnessing some examples, as the Katrina and the Tsunamis. The Arctic suffers to each day with the consequences of this heating, its glaciers is melting quickly, causing destruction, projections shows that in a well next future many cities will disappear, due melting of these glaciers, calota polar, great responsible for the maintenance of the terrestrial temperature, in> soon.

It will disappear. Today the springs arrive each time more early and consequentemente the winters each time later, causing disequilibrium in ecosystems, we have as example some species of insects, that in the winter ‘ ‘ desaparecem’ ‘ comes back when the esquenta climate and in having a reduction in the duration of the winter or its retardation, these insects if multiply as much that arrive to devastar good part of the vegetation for where they pass. The quandary if becomes still more acute when we consider the population increase, that in 2050, will arrive the 3 million people, thus implying in the increase of the demand of the consumption in general and in the scarcity of resources. is therefore that in way to as many climatic changes, we need acquiring knowledge in them and to look for to make the part that fits in them, is clearly that so that occurs positive and fast changes, we depend on the ones that are ‘ ‘ above of ns’ ‘ , of the governing, of studious, the etc., so that they are taken measured more serious and by bigger ratios, however if each citizen, for example, to change its car for a bicycle, to adopt the system of public transport or ‘ ‘ caronas’ ‘ , if when you will be to buy a refrigerator, to opt to an energy more efficient model, to prevent wastefulnesses, mainly of the water (that in a next future it will be the cause of wars), if to implant in its daily o motto: to reduce, to reuse and to recycle, already we will have significant and positive changes in relation to the global heating. Small attitudes will bring great benefits for the future generations We go there, changes its habits, its behavior, the Planet it will be thankful and be able to breathe alliviated, it thinks about this! Good vibrations and until the next one..