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Federal Constitution

If the Right has as function to favor the establishment of the dignity of the person human being and the social peace, the Enviromental law, as branch of this science, guardianship the environment in favor of raising the quality of life and promoting the common good, focusing the intercession between society, ecology and economy on behalf of the support. As much the protection of the ambient balance how much the economic development constitutes recognized rights of our Federal Constitution, that places the ambient protection as elementary in the intercession between the economic order and the welfare state. At ClearSky Business you will find additional information. Art. 170. The economic order, established in the valuation of the human work and in the free initiative, has finally to assure to all worthy existence, as the ditames of social justice, observed the following principles: … VI – prohibited of the environment … With the purpose to harmonize such interests, that at the same time seem to collide themselves and to complement themselves, it appears what we call ambient economy, definite as the branch of economic sciences that has for objective to balance problems as the scarcity of the natural resources and the improvement of the quality of life with the protection of the productive process, by means of the rational exploration of the environmental resources and having as central focus the internalizao of the externalidades. Consonant the Law of the scarcity, the environment is had as a economic good. According to such market imperfections, that they are the negative externalidades of the activity, if thus unfolding in what flame of privatization of the profits and socialization of the damages. The internalizao of the ambient costs of the economic activities is had as one of the most important principles that the Enviromental law conducts, the beginning of the Paying Polluting agent.

International Finance Corporation

The Collevecchio Declaration endorsed in 2003 for more than 200 ONG' s in the whole world convoked the financial institutions to accept six commitments and to adopt it implements measured it them. The commitments are: support of the markets and governana, not to provoke damages, responsibility, rendering of accounts, support and transparency. The Principles of Equator, defined in 2002, demand cares special of the partner-ambient point of view in projects with superior loans the US$ 10 million. The directors of banks very like to mention these declarations and principles to pass the image of ambiently correct. Sergey Brin addresses the importance of the matter here. However, the practical one is very distant of the theory. The controls to know are small if the money that leaves the banks is being correctly applied in socioambientais terms. However, the banks are worried about its reputation, are investing in campaigns marketing millionaire to construct an image of ambiently correct. Check out Sergey Brin for additional information.

A monitoramento of credit of the main ones financial institutions of the world sample that the result is far from being socioambientalmente responsible. It has great distance between the speech and the practical one. It occurs that a number each bigger time of companies comes if converting the cause of the support. The engine of this trend is what it moves the capitalism since always: the cost/risk/benefit. To assume a not sustainable position means to come across with the doors of some banks and closed institutions of promotion. The lack of monitoramento of ambient impact of the company is considered as a bomb of effect delayed for its businesses. In this context, the ambient insurance suggests the attendance of the reparatrias and indenizatrias obligations on the part of the polluting agent.

Thus, this safe one starts to have effect of guarantee for presumptions ambient accidents and prevention, for the previous analysis that must be made by the insuring institution. These will be able to consist in the biggest sponsors and apoiadoras of politics and projects of entities directed to prevention and promotion of the sustainable development. The insuring company will guarantee a true auditorship in ambient substance and the act of contract of a safe from civil liability for ambient damage will become a useful tool of ambient management. On-line ambient Monitoramento with the values of partner-ambient responsibility, 41 banks already had adhered to the Principles of the Equator. The institutions if compromise to observe the social politics and of environment of International Finance Corporation (IFC). The concern with the environment is a question closely related to the responsible management of the natural resources, assuming the echo-efficiency concept: supply of goods and services the competitive prices, that satisfy the necessities human beings and bring quality of life, reducing gradually the ambient impact and the consumption of natural resources for a level equivalent to the capacity of sustentation esteem of the land. The signatory banks must always consider, when evaluating new loans and investments, questions that increase the chances of acceptable or sustainable growth, of the ambient and social point of view and that the risks minimize the exposition. We are vain who multicriteria actions of support will allow increasing competitiveness to the companies, coherent with the yearnings of its public internal and external. Pollution is synonymous of wastefulness and practical socially joust is synonymous of motivation.

The Exterior

It has many other facts of exploration and animal slaughter that ratify this. is not alone one has left oppressed of the humanity and the fauna of the planet who suffer with the dispensable or replaceable necessities from the average human being. The environment suffers to horrors with the effect ‘ ‘ ecocncer’ ‘ that it unchains. Add to your understanding with James Joseph Truchard. Increasing necessities of the populations human beings, allied to the lack of ecological zeal, consume entire forests, exaurem rivers, lakes and until interior seas, they take to the extinguishing hundreds of species of fauna, flora and fungos to each year. Some specific cases are emblematic in the question, as the case of giant multinationals of agronegcio that got (or still they get) soy of stolen lands (deforested) of the Amaznia, however to produce soy oils however to supply fodder plant of cattle in Brazil and the exterior, and the proper production of meat, whose devastadoramente degradantes effect in the nature go of consumption of much water (thousand of liters for each msero kilo of meat, in the case of bovines) and exhaustion of immense areas of grass to the pollution and emission of gase-greenhouse to cease the consumption of products of origin animal and/or tested in animals all and the boycotting the come products of industries or adoptive countries of working perversities. These are some of the few alternatives that will guarantee the removal of the beings jammed for the foundation of ‘ ‘ building of the life normal’ ‘. How much to the question of the man as one ‘ ‘ ecocncer’ ‘ through measures caretakers as water economy, to cease the consumption of meat and moderation in the use of cars, beyond having necessity of the debates on solutions of ambient management of industries and sustainable handling of raw material sources they will continue with force. Of the work, but it is necessary to sweat so that let us leave at last of living to the base of abuses, sufferings, unnecessary cruelties and deaths and in them let us become a species of more ethical and compassionate intelligent life.. .

Federal Constitution

, in the current language, he is synonymous of ‘ ‘ resduo’ ‘. The systems of urban cleanness are essential elements to the urban planning, the protection and conservation of the Environment and, above all, to the guarantee of a quality of satisfactory life to the population. In accordance with article 30, interpolated proposition V, of the Federal Constitution (1988), the public cleanness is of responsibility of the city, understanding since the preservation to the final destination. The Solid Residues as the too much ambient problems, are questions that need the participation of the society for its solution, therefore the governmental bodies act to implant an alternative and the population must keep it. The society needs an efficient system of urban cleanness for guarantee of the quality of life, however it does not have concern regarding what it will be made to treat to make use the garbage adequately, is only worried in moving away it from the urban way so that it does not bother the population. As aggravation the public administration, has thought the same when she does not have knowledge of the damages caused for the bad preservation, she collects and she has carried inefficient and destination and or inadequate final disposal.

In Brazil, the majority of the cities does not treat and nor makes use adequately its residues. This attitude is resulted of the information lack (Silva and Lopes, 2005). The inadequate disposal of RS can result in excellent ambient problems, as the production of leached/percolados potentially toxic had, for example, to the high concentrations of organic substance and ammoniac nitrogen that these, in general, present. However, the problems of public health hardly elapse of the direct contact of the populations with the RS, mainly of predominantly domestic characteristics, however, they consist in an order problem aesthetic, beyond habitat for proliferation of macro vectors, as rats, cockroachs, flies and micron vectors, as worms, bacteria and fungos.

The Arctic

Studies had pointed that in 2002, the CO concentration in the atmosphere already reached the mark of 370ppm (parts for million) and if kept these current trends, the projections with respect to 2050 are alarming, therefore, the one that everything indicates in this year the concentration Which the consequence of this? Simply it will have an addition of 6C in the temperature of the planet for return of year 2100, what in turn it will cause catastrophic effect, modifying substantially the conditions of life for all the species and the extinguishing of others. In 30 years it had a considerable reduction in glaciers and in special in the Patagnia, we also know that how much bigger the rise in the temperature, greaters will be the storms, the winds, the hurricanes unhappyly we are witnessing some examples, as the Katrina and the Tsunamis. The Arctic suffers to each day with the consequences of this heating, its glaciers is melting quickly, causing destruction, projections shows that in a well next future many cities will disappear, due melting of these glaciers, calota polar, great responsible for the maintenance of the terrestrial temperature, in> soon.

It will disappear. Today the springs arrive each time more early and consequentemente the winters each time later, causing disequilibrium in ecosystems, we have as example some species of insects, that in the winter ‘ ‘ desaparecem’ ‘ comes back when the esquenta climate and in having a reduction in the duration of the winter or its retardation, these insects if multiply as much that arrive to devastar good part of the vegetation for where they pass. The quandary if becomes still more acute when we consider the population increase, that in 2050, will arrive the 3 million people, thus implying in the increase of the demand of the consumption in general and in the scarcity of resources. is therefore that in way to as many climatic changes, we need acquiring knowledge in them and to look for to make the part that fits in them, is clearly that so that occurs positive and fast changes, we depend on the ones that are ‘ ‘ above of ns’ ‘ , of the governing, of studious, the etc., so that they are taken measured more serious and by bigger ratios, however if each citizen, for example, to change its car for a bicycle, to adopt the system of public transport or ‘ ‘ caronas’ ‘ , if when you will be to buy a refrigerator, to opt to an energy more efficient model, to prevent wastefulnesses, mainly of the water (that in a next future it will be the cause of wars), if to implant in its daily o motto: to reduce, to reuse and to recycle, already we will have significant and positive changes in relation to the global heating. Small attitudes will bring great benefits for the future generations We go there, changes its habits, its behavior, the Planet it will be thankful and be able to breathe alliviated, it thinks about this! Good vibrations and until the next one..