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Ball Valves In The Oil Industry

One of the most economical and versatile ways to transport oil is the use of oil pipelines. An integral part of any oil pipeline is a ball valve. Ball valve as part of the transport pipeline performs a very important function. It lies in the fact that in the event of an accident on the pipeline section allows you to fully tap shut off the flow of technical fluid going through it. Thereby achieved several important goals. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jonas Samuelson.

First, stop leak expensive oil, reducing unforeseen financial losses incurred. Second, prevent pollution, warns complaints from environmentalists to the police. That, in turn, prevents not only the associated cash costs, but also undesirable publications in the media, which can damage image component of the company – owner of the pipeline. The main feature of the ball valve is that it can not be adjusted to the flow of oil passing through the pipeline. It provides only its complete coverage or full opening. In the oil pipelines are primarily used ball valves flanged type, as more universal.

The main material used in the field full bore ball valve is stainless steel of various grades. Cranes of this material is characterized by high durability, reliability, adequate resources, the necessary chemical inertness with respect to oil. Same important factor causing this kind of choice is their taps rather low price. The advantages of ball valves are the same: the constructive simplicity, easy control of this technical unit, crane of this type make it possible to clean the pipeline, due to its complete patency. Significantly and that the ball valves have a low hydraulic resistance, allowing you to minimize losses pressure in the oil pipeline, and thus reduce the total number of pressure stations. A small height of the technical device can be installed on the site of the oil pipeline in virtually any position. With that said, full bore ball valves, stainless steel is the best choice for use in the oil industry.

Compressors Storm

To the operation of air screw compressor “Storm” had no problems, it is important to clean the intake air. However, with the air coming into the compressor, there come a variety of small particles. Resulting in premature wear of the screw block. Filter media in air filters compressors “Storm” is very high mechanical strength. They filter the intake air efficiently and reliably. This ensures stable operation of the screw pair. Air filters perform many important functions. They filter from the intake air abrasive particles such as dust, sand, soot and water droplets.

They provide a hit in the screw block only clean air benefits of air filters compressors “Storm”: Warranty Lifetime special structure of the special filter paper for maximum cleaning of air with low resistance to flow; 100% integrity, in particular with reliable attachment of the filter blinds adhesive compound; Optimal corrugation geometry reliability even in extreme conditions; Continuous quality control standards in all production. To ensure reliable and high quality of the screw oil-filled unit used oil filters, providing a high degree of purification of oil. Only clean oil can ensure the stability of the performance of the screw block. The problem of oil filter – to remove particles that are suspended in oil. If the oil is not cleaned properly, dirt quickly find themselves on the surfaces of the walls of the screws. In the oil circulation system, oil filter installed so that the entire flow of oil passed through the filter.

As the filtration material used paper impregnated cellulose-based content with the finest plastic fibers, which gives a high fineness treatment at high absorption capacity. The device is resistant to corrosion and pressure hull. High quality seals ensures sealing the filter and the complete isolation of purified oil from contamination. The advantages of oil filters used on the compressors “Storm”: – the absolute density between the parties and the purified oil pollution – a reliable O-ring – high degree of purification of oil – high gryazepogloschayuschaya ability – low flow resistance – long life – high heat resistance – resistance to vibration – the metal parts with extremely high protection against corrosion, oil filters, mounted compressors “storm”, to be replaced after 4000 hours. The design of the compressor provides a quick and easy filter replacement.

Western Europe

Most modern apartments have a loggia or a balcony, which differ in that the balcony is only one open side. Thanks to the latest architectural and design studies, these elements are flat or house surprising variety of shapes and sizes. There is much attention paid to design, loggias and balconies, because homebuyers have to give them a great value. Apartment without a balcony would cost considerably less. Here are the balconies, as well as balconies and are thus a place in the apartment where, making up or using your own interior designer design, man can create his garden.

Already appeared in Kievan Rus' architecture form precursors of today's balconies, which were decorated with princely towers. In medieval Europe, balconies have been transformed into beautiful gardens, was a romantic meeting place for lovers or served for dinner parties of the local nobility. Over the past century, balconies are not very much has changed: all the same curved metal lattice, the same pots of flowers and greenery. Even today, balconies and loggias in Western Europe are reminiscent of bright flower beds or small, green gardens. Mistresses are competing for the creation of the cozy interior. At different times, to a balcony treated differently. More recently, some people were kind of a closet, where it was stored all unnecessary trash, and other people in the summer flowers planted balconies, creating unusual compositions. These balconies have always stood out against the monotonous facades and joy to their appearance and the owners, and pedestrians.