Western Europe

Most modern apartments have a loggia or a balcony, which differ in that the balcony is only one open side. Thanks to the latest architectural and design studies, these elements are flat or house surprising variety of shapes and sizes. There is much attention paid to design, loggias and balconies, because homebuyers have to give them a great value. Apartment without a balcony would cost considerably less. Here are the balconies, as well as balconies and are thus a place in the apartment where, making up or using your own interior designer design, man can create his garden.

Already appeared in Kievan Rus' architecture form precursors of today's balconies, which were decorated with princely towers. In medieval Europe, balconies have been transformed into beautiful gardens, was a romantic meeting place for lovers or served for dinner parties of the local nobility. Over the past century, balconies are not very much has changed: all the same curved metal lattice, the same pots of flowers and greenery. Even today, balconies and loggias in Western Europe are reminiscent of bright flower beds or small, green gardens. Mistresses are competing for the creation of the cozy interior. At different times, to a balcony treated differently. More recently, some people were kind of a closet, where it was stored all unnecessary trash, and other people in the summer flowers planted balconies, creating unusual compositions. These balconies have always stood out against the monotonous facades and joy to their appearance and the owners, and pedestrians.