Low San Francisco Medium

With effect, they earn meant in its economic base the traditional cultures of sugar cane-of-sugar, cassava, maize, beans and rice and, in special, the cattle extensive bovine. The CODEVASF comes exerting a decisive influence in the process of occupation of the regional space with the implantation of projects of public irrigation. The investments carried through for the CODEVASF in hdrica infrastructure workmanships in the region come attracting entrepreneurs of the south of the country for the installation of irrigation projects, therefore they spend only resources in the inversions of the parcels or lots. It is in the Low one San Francisco medium who if more locates the region modernized and diversified of all the Bahia in the production of fruits for exportation on the basis of the irrigation. The joint of the agriculture irrigated with agro-industrial activities could be a factor to make possible new investments in the region to produce ample effect economic.

The localization of Juazeiro in the navigable stretch of the river San Francisco that articulates the producing regions of the West, Medium and Low San Francisco Medium of the Bahia can favor the implantation of an infrastructure of hidrovirio transport that, beyond will make possible greater integration between these regions, would contribute for the development of the tourism. In turn, the lake of Sobradinho could better be used in such a way for the tourism how much for the fishing activity. Juazeiro if detaches, also, for being in the route of merchandises and deriving services southeastern Brazilian and of some regions of the Bahia for the Northeast, and vice versa. Juazeiro if includes between the great concentrations urban of the State of the Bahia, with its 230,538 inhabitants. He is distinguished as the only city of this transport in the Low Medium, congregating alone almost the totality of the inhabitants of the too much cities of the region in set (that he is of 250.916 inhabitants) the irrigation most intense in Juazeiro was subsequent to the construction of the barrage of Sobradinho, in the end of decade of 70 and beginning of the decade of 80, mainly with the settling projects, for the action of the federal government, through the SUVALE, that if he transformed later into the CODEVASF.