According to the prevailing opinions in society, a hypocrite – it's terrible poor man, and it turns out that most of us fall into this category. From childhood we learn to hide his true "self" due to misunderstandings, resentment and persecution. We wanted to become like what we wanted to see others. We have tried to impersonate someone else than we really are. Imagine a store where you want to purchase branded watches, paying them a large sum, but buying them, you find that it is a fake with a glued on her brand label.

Oh, you are angry. The same principle of falsification or hypocrisy to do when we play in front of some other vital role, not feeling any pleasure to be himself themselves. Another example of our fine acting. Two young people who meet, have decided to enter into lawful marriage, but neither he nor she could not before the wedding, to be honest with each other, but continued to play their role to please each other. And what will happen in a month and a half of married life? The effect of frustration and anger will be the same as in the detection of counterfeits. Is there a way out of this situation, where your words and actions do not correspond to your inner beliefs? How can I stop this game, whose aim is to obtain a benefit or harm our neighbor? How to beat it yourself? While the authority for your acting is the opinion of people you do not can get rid of this syndrome is hypocrisy. Authorities should be changed! There is one absolute authority – God, whose opinion in varying degrees affects the lives of us all.

Before him, no need to dissemble and play happy family man or a perfect employee, he knows all our secret thoughts and intents of our hearts. He knows everything. Why play now? The authority of God gives us the opportunity to be themselves. Realizing this, we will stop "Hold" for the people's opinion, it will be very important and overriding opinion of God for us, about our lives and actions. A wise man once wrote: "The harder you strive to become such, as needed, the less you try to hide who you really are. " You may say: "Once again God. Is it not possible to solve this problem in another way? In general, the hypocrites are everywhere, even in church! "I think you have reason to say so, but not all Christians are calling themselves as such, are the image of Christ's life. But the question now is not about them, and each of us personally. Hypocrites in the church – that's no excuse. I want to open a secret, which refers to the Bible: in hell the hypocrites will be much greater. But the most great hypocrisy in the other. There is no bigger hypocrite than someone who pretends he does not need Christ. Interestingly, a hypocrite whose opinion this is adjusted? Of course the choice, as always, is yours. Every man must decide: him to remain a puppet in the theater or to become a true, free of imposed frameworks and roles. Dear reader, the choice is yours.