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According to the prevailing opinions in society, a hypocrite – it's terrible poor man, and it turns out that most of us fall into this category. From childhood we learn to hide his true "self" due to misunderstandings, resentment and persecution. We wanted to become like what we wanted to see others. We have tried to impersonate someone else than we really are. Imagine a store where you want to purchase branded watches, paying them a large sum, but buying them, you find that it is a fake with a glued on her brand label.

Oh, you are angry. The same principle of falsification or hypocrisy to do when we play in front of some other vital role, not feeling any pleasure to be himself themselves. Another example of our fine acting. Two young people who meet, have decided to enter into lawful marriage, but neither he nor she could not before the wedding, to be honest with each other, but continued to play their role to please each other. And what will happen in a month and a half of married life? The effect of frustration and anger will be the same as in the detection of counterfeits. Is there a way out of this situation, where your words and actions do not correspond to your inner beliefs? How can I stop this game, whose aim is to obtain a benefit or harm our neighbor? How to beat it yourself? While the authority for your acting is the opinion of people you do not can get rid of this syndrome is hypocrisy. Authorities should be changed! There is one absolute authority – God, whose opinion in varying degrees affects the lives of us all.

Before him, no need to dissemble and play happy family man or a perfect employee, he knows all our secret thoughts and intents of our hearts. He knows everything. Why play now? The authority of God gives us the opportunity to be themselves. Realizing this, we will stop "Hold" for the people's opinion, it will be very important and overriding opinion of God for us, about our lives and actions. A wise man once wrote: "The harder you strive to become such, as needed, the less you try to hide who you really are. " You may say: "Once again God. Is it not possible to solve this problem in another way? In general, the hypocrites are everywhere, even in church! "I think you have reason to say so, but not all Christians are calling themselves as such, are the image of Christ's life. But the question now is not about them, and each of us personally. Hypocrites in the church – that's no excuse. I want to open a secret, which refers to the Bible: in hell the hypocrites will be much greater. But the most great hypocrisy in the other. There is no bigger hypocrite than someone who pretends he does not need Christ. Interestingly, a hypocrite whose opinion this is adjusted? Of course the choice, as always, is yours. Every man must decide: him to remain a puppet in the theater or to become a true, free of imposed frameworks and roles. Dear reader, the choice is yours.

French Cuisine

The first violin in a beautiful symphony, referred to as "French cuisine" is certainly playing vegetables as well as accompanying them roots and spices. Potatoes, green beans, all sorts of varieties of onion and cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, eggplant, celery, parsley – all of this is used for the preparation of appetizers, first and second courses, and as a garnish. Widely known onion soup, seasoned with cheese, or soup of leeks with potatoes. French housewives adore thyme, bay leaf and parsley, all collected in a small bunch and for a time immersed in a pan of preparing a dish. Before serving, take out the spices. Get all the facts and insights with “Howard Schultz Starbucks
, another great source of information. French cuisine is rich gourmet delicacies, many of which are true works of art, or at least equal to them already. Not long ago, the National Assembly of France declared the famous dish of foie gras (liver especially beefy duck or goose), part of the national heritage of France, along with the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and the Louvre. Foie gras highly prized in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, but in the Middle Ages, the method of preparation pate was lost.

And only in the XVIII century delicacy revived in Strasbourg and Toulouse. Well-known actress and animal rights champion Boris Bardot is not the first against a brutal practice of forced feeding birds: the grain is introduced directly goose's stomach with a special hose. The volume of food at 3 times the daily diet of a goose. Because the liver is produced excess fat, and she can grow up to 1.5 kg.


In determining the quality of raw materials it can be identified a variety of defects, which, depending on their causes can be grouped into the following groups: emerging during plant growth, depending on the timing and time collecting plants, arising from the failure to comply with the rules of collection of raw materials, resulting from the processing of raw materials, formed during drying, resulting in the packaging and storage, as an opportunity to clean the pads on Equipment for cleaning pads. Various kinds of raw materials can have all these vices, but in amounts not exceeding the norms of the standard. Raw material heavily contaminated with crude defects and impurities are not toxic plants take. If defects are minor and can be easily remedied, the inspector instructs the deliverer of workarounds: additional drying at high humidity, ventilation with low refractive smell removal impurities, sifting a sieve with holes of appropriate diameter to remove the crushed parts of earth, sand, etc., needed cleaning pads. If the quality of raw materials during the inspection meets the standards of his accept and pay the price list for prices. Individual loggers pay for raw materials directly in their delivery.

Quality control of wild fruits, berries and mushrooms are also carried out in accordance with requirements of existing regulations. For example, the quality of hips evaluated further criteria: appearance, size and structure of the fruit color, smell, taste, moisture content in the restoration, total ash, ascorbic acid, organic acids content of rosehip parts (stems, branches, sepals and peduncles), the content of blackened, burnt, damaged by pests and diseases of fruit and parts thereof; content crushed particles of fruit, including nuts, passing through the sieve content of unripe fruits, the content of impurities (organic and mineral). Exception of poisonous plants and their parts, molds and rot-resistant of any foreign smell, contamination of raw granary pests..