Acquired Business Skills

In Russia, the change of ownership is not a rare phenomenon. Anyway, his, the Russian experience in this area has already been accumulated and generalized, is presented in accordance with law and applied in practice. Consider the most common stage prior to the sale-purchase transaction businesses. The first stage – is analysis of existing business. The seller is reviewing its part, trying ultimately to sell the most efficient design. To do this, the seller will need to conduct a thorough Analysis of both positive and negative sides. Just sorting out the situation can correct accents. For the buyer to conduct a thorough in-depth analysis necessary to determine whether transaction.

In order to avoid losses and disappointments of the acquired business into the future, experts advise to assess the prospects for growth and business development, sales markets businesses, as well as activities of competing companies. It is important to pay attention not only on explicit, but also on the hidden risks. Only a professional analysis of all aspects will anticipate potential problems. At this stage the buyer may refuse further the transaction without any loss to themselves. This is particularly important moment, because in addition to all the profits of the enterprise, the new owner can buy another and a large number problems. The next stage is exclusively concerned with the seller of finished business.

His challenge is the need to evaluate your business for sale. To make the cost was a real need to monitoring cost of competing companies. This will avoid the missteps and mistakes. It is important to remember that too high a price will scare away a potential buyer, is too low, by contrast, would not be advantageous to the seller. That's why so important to correctly assess their own business. In the third stage, the buyer and seller develop a clear strategy for sale. At this stage it is necessary to answer questions about the existence of tax incentives for company policies in place to the leadership and staff, and clarify the desired business value. Negotiations – one of the most important stages. At this stage, the buyer and seller specify all the details regarding transaction, defines the obligations of the parties and the timing of their execution. In addition, it is the final stage of negotiations is determined by the seller to price their own business. The last stage includes the legalization transaction. According to preliminary agreement the purchaser pays the purchase of business. After receiving the entire amount, the seller shall sign all documents necessary to transfer the business to a new owner. At the completion of the transaction customer calls to the state authorities to register the acquired entity. Generally, buying a business easier by business brokers, as only professionals can successfully verify all data. Y Business brokers have accumulated a portfolio of potential buyers willing to purchase has been successfully operating a business. As well as real estate agents, brokers – are experts tie the seller and buyer, and assisting in maintenance and closing. They can also assist in the search for funding