Young Seniors 50 +

Certainly, the cursor nimbly glides across the screen surface. Karl-Heinz W. from Bonn know how he find his way on the Internet. Although he is already 58 years old and has taken early retirement, an exception among Internet users is the Bonn not. Meanwhile, 60 percent of people who are aged between 50 and 60 years, regularly online. Extrapolated to all users, the group makes up the so-called “silver surfers’ impressive 25 percent. One in four users thus bear gray, at least if you look at the hair color. A special evaluation of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung (AGOF) determined this value, the usual cliches pushes into the background. Although the Internet is measured by its social establishment, still a young medium, the group of users of this fact, however, applies only under certain circumstances. The World Wide Web has long since reached in the higher age groups there, and enjoys increasing popularity. Ease of use coupled with an increasingly widespread and affordable access, doesvirtual fun for the young seniors attractive. Meanwhile, travel will be booked no more of these clients only in the travel agency but booked online. In the search for a new tennis racket in order to make the amateur team of the local association continues to be a good figure, is rummaging at various online shops. Bargain hunting in the network is also attractive for the older audience. Not least, the Internet is also aware of the possibility of a new partner to learn. Dating sites have discovered the young senior citizens as customers and included appropriate offers in their range. Just this industry is booming. Lonely hearts who are professionally clamped and do not have large social networks that can be helped. Also in the field of online shopping for seniors specific offers will only be a matter of time. Potential exists in any case, given that only 20 percent of the surf 60plus generation yet. However, even in this age group in the coming years, expect huge growth rates.