What Companies Need

Companies need, as far as performance is concerned, more controlled, more dynamic environments, changing where you need to have clearly defined roles, that the staff is fully identified with them. It is necessary to determine whether indeed the functions are well defined, as interpreted and implemented to ensure funds according to performance plans. According to AC Daniels (1993) … “Performance Management (GD) is a systematic approach applied to personnel management in the workplace: this approach is oriented data management, and uses positive reinforcement as main application for optimal performance … ” Guillermo Yaber reminds us that performance management is to add or remove contingencies of similar behavior and working to change attitudes that result in significant gains for the achievement of goals. Stimulate interest in the task involves arranging contingencies of behavior that employees experiencing emotions side to the performance of tasks. Social recognition, the use of humor and a social environment full of social reinforce-rs are conditions that make it more likely interest in the job. Involve staff with the task means more than just a word commitment of followers to the organization.

It requires the leader behavior behavioral contingencies added to increase the contact time of the collaborators with the tasks assigned to them, reinforce the approaches to the final outcome and recognize the staff when reaching the set goals. Satisfaction was measured by oral or written verbal expressions of satisfaction, complaints, or suggestions about the system behavior and are an important indicator of the efficiency of the system. Promote self-leadership behavior should be the aspiration of every leader. This means helping staff members to incorporate themselves as behavioral repertoires for each staff member is competent organization to add or remove contingencies of their own behavior aimed at achieving the goals of the organization. Then will be fulfilled if each staff member is behaving as expected, it will gain, profit or values for both the organization and the environment that surrounds it. No wonder that comment, that through the Performance Management can n keep a constant communication between the leader and collaborator. Performance reviews mid-year and year-end possible to know the progress of each professional and terms of office. Also, the continuous feedback allows a steady development and the pursuit of excellence through the implementation of the objectives.

It is very important to live the values of the company, since from them is unknown how employees perform their duties in the day to day. For their part, we also added Jose Neighbor Policy, which covers performance management, a number of elements that enable it to assess the contribution of officials and verify their impact on expected corporate earnings also is a tool which strengthens the need to know the elements that support or hinder the task takes place daily. Performance management becomes a process that must be periodically reviewed to identify potential areas for improvement and identify whether those involved in it need any training to enable them to integrate all the elements required from planning to evaluation, carrying it out and of course the design and implementation of improvement actions. It is also important to recognize that performance management promotes productivity within the organization, and is a way to contribute to a business’s success and the achievement of the purposes defined by the organization.