Of course, if I lived in Moscow, would have been What other options withdrawal, but in my case, the road is more expensive than 3000 rubles placed on the account. So while doing perepiskoy.Nu and what conclusions from all this? I personally have one but would not have gone this far away WebMoney. For about five years of dealing with it I had a firm intention to part with it. As is known, the most important thing in business communications. Unreliable partner – might just ruin everything for a few moments.

WebMoney – unreliable partner.Vo First, WebMoney disregard applies to their clients. This can be seen everywhere. And how to respond to the letter, and how to contain resources of the system itself – always overloaded and constantly freezes, and the competency of service .Vo Second, WebMoney system allows itself to unilaterally block the account without any explanation and notice that for any business in itself is death. Recovery over a score takes too long time – a calendar month or as sweetens the pill administration, 20 workers dney.V Third, the costs associated with blocking accounts, even if the fault the administration itself bears klient.V Fourth, although less important, but the complexity of the interface and the lack of competent support service simply can not normally use the services of WebMoney. It seems to work with WebMoney must complete the special courses that support the service itself and not okonchila.V Fifth, why should I spend on communicating with WebMoney your nerves? In this life there are enough other reasons to .Tak that with WebMoney, I no longer work.

By the way, I'm not one. While butting with WebMoney came across some interesting information relating to such conduct WebMoney to other klientam.Uveren, many would say that they have never had a problem with the input / output of money from the system WebMoney. First year I also did not have them. And now everything is exactly as described above. So – that's the way my friend said one woman, five years old, and decide for yourself. Original article ps. Today met one of his friend. Conversation. It was found in He had the same problem with WebMoney. Him last year had to give the system 1500 rubles. And he told me that the sign with another guy who also had three years ago to forgive WebMoney about 3000 rubles. Well, what is not a way to earn