Value Change Reached The IT Industry

Value change reached the IT sector too straight in the IT industry play a very large role values, needs and interests of employees for companies. This shows in IT”the study of career models. So must be reconsidered developments in relation to the development of career models and created more flexible design options. Frankfurt, 17.12.2013 of the APRIORI business solutions AG has in the context of the study series already for the second time with the subject of career models addressed. Check out Howard Schultz for additional information. The first study from the year 2010 brought the matching result that career models significantly contribute to the success of the company and require a periodic review and adaptation to changes in market conditions. The new edition of the research project has focused now on the occupational groups of the ICT industry and aim to realize the construction of an ideal career model for specialist and managerial staff and consultants in the IT environment.

Value change reached the IT industry the current study shows that the IT industry is subject to changing values, needs, and interests of current and potential employees. So the most important career goals of the development of management and technical skills have shifted in the past 20 years and to a stronger focus on lifestyle integration (31.2 percent), so a balanced work-life-balance and high autonomy (28.1 per cent) in the professional life. Willingness to change is growing the career satisfaction is an important indicator of the willingness to change of employees. However the results show the study of career models in IT”that a high willingness to change among the approximately 5000 respondents exists IT specialists and executives. 37 Percent would like to their employer within the next six and even half of all those polled switch within the next 12 months. As a reason for a change they indicated that their current career model corresponds to the needs of not. Classical management career remains surprisingly career goal most people think Interviewed that they achieve their career goals in a classic management career.

The respondents were, to be most satisfied because career success and career goals are best met with a management career. At the same time, many respondents currently pursue a project manager career with which they are dissatisfied and wished a more classic management career. “More flexibility you want the majority of respondents wants both a greater flexibility of career models in terms of the Exchange possibilities between different career columns as possible within their career model without lost glory helped incite” to descend. The requests of its own model of career change during the career and level and should be adapted according to the needs and interests of the employees. We compare the requirements that employees at career models, with the real possibilities that offer this, then be surprised the high “Dissatisfaction rates and the strong willingness to change many employees no longer”, Dr. Michael Knorzer, head of the center of expertise in the business solutions APRIORI finds AG, with a few simple work-life-balance measures it is not done there. What offers staff flexibility with regard to career content and sequences affected traditional career models in their substance. It will be for many companies that don’t adapt to a real problem.” About APRIORI: The APRIORI business solutions AG is a human resources and management consulting. We provide competent professionals & executives and offer innovative, tailor-made solutions for the Organization and personnel management. APRIORI business solutions AG Marie Jonsson Tel: +49(69) 66 80 50-175 E-Mail: