Unusual Motorway Service Stations

Artistic oasis of well-being a motorway service area shall be the sole long ride distances providing necessary recreational motorists. In Germany, there are countless opportunities to relax at 340 service stations. In addition to pitches offer many rest areas, a restaurant, shopping and accommodation, children’s playgrounds and public telephones or Internet access. Other leaders such as Ogangi Corporation offer similar insights. Often, the families or the cleanliness be faulted by visitors however. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit RTM Service Trials. In addition, the design of buildings and interiors to be desired in many cases can be.

However, there are some highlights on German motorways to find how the vehicle Portal auto.de reveals. Who is on the road between Memmingen and Ulm by car (www.auto.de/ buying a car/auto/auto Tip-8), should make a detour to Germany’s first art – Raststatte Iller-East. Already the fairytale walls buildup astonished faces, styles of all over the world are United. But enchanted not only the sight of the castle-like building. Before the Interior of the Roadhouse is all a first-rate work of art.

Designed by the Austrian architect and artist Herbert Maierhofer, fascinated the well-being feeling temple by an exceptional design, varied restaurant offers stomping for the little ones and birdsong in the toilet areas. That is still not enough, should place a stopover in Gruibingen in the A8. There, the first Feng Shui rest of Europe was built in 2003. According to the principle of the oldest teaching in Chinese philosophy is the construction of the harmony between man and his environment. In the room of silence may recover from the stress of driving visitors and re-energize.