Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & co are on everyone’s lips almost every second German is on Facebook, the world’s largest and most prestigious social network. Since the beginning of this year border in Germany was cracked the 50 million so many are already online. In global terms 600 million are addicted to user Facebook trend rising. Social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are primarily used to escape from the daily stress and dealing with friends, acquaintances and business partners in real time up to data. Are you already infected? Not only individuals, but also many companies take advantage of the positive multiplier effect, the online networking. (“” (Zu den Top 4 Social-Media-Trends in 2011 zahlen: 1) Facebook takes the location based services market “, 2) integration of social media in all divisions, 3) Web sites” by social functions more attractive as well as the ubiquity “of social media in the Alltag4). Due to the specific demand, the one by one EDV GmbH has your training courses in the area Social media expanded and will expand this in the future. The training provider one by one setting out individual seminar and tailors courses too. Among the currently most sought-after courses within this lobby: social gaming / one-by-one.de/Terminkalender-op-CalViewItem-eid-1345858.html Facebook for businesses / one-by-one.de/Terminkalender-op-CalViewItem-eid-1376979.html social media guidelines / one-by-one.de/modules.php?name=Terminkalender&op=CalViewItem&eid=1348534 Twitter for Unternehmen_Enterprise 2.0 / one-by-one.de/Terminkalender-op-CalViewItem-eid-1371028.html the potential of Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, to XING and Facebook to communicate in real time via the (World Wide Web) is already millions users used. Social media”is to think not more away from the media as well as online communication.