Unique Opportunity

Powder coating – a special process of creating a quality coating that is applied to a series of metal. Powder coating provides a coating that differs not only exclusive decorative, but also a number of other important benefits that are important for modern coatings. Powder coating is carried out using modern equipment that lets you work with a variety of metal products in its design and dimensions. In this case, smooth and uniform coating is obtained, even for products with complex configuration, with different cavities and bumps. Powder coating makes it possible for once a coating, wherein both the external quality (not the lack of shaded areas and shortcomings associated with the different thickness of coatings on various parts of the product) and high performance characteristics.

Powder coating is ideal for products that are used in aggressive environments. Such coverage is very resistant to mechanical stress and corrosion and is exceptionally durable. Powder coating makes it possible to give the metal products of any color and effect. At present, there are powder paint of different shades, that allows to implement any color, and paint with additional effect (moire, marble, gold, gloss, opacity, etc.), will give a product personality. Such a coating will retain its original appearance for a long time. Powder coating includes the step of pre- treatment, during which the surface be coated products are removed all unnecessary elements in the form of dust, various greases and oils, as well as the stage of direct application of paint by spray in a special chamber. On final stage is the formation of the coating and imparting stability.