The Determinismo, thought that guided the scientists until little before the theory of the quantum physics, was created by Rene Discardings and affirmed that the universe was as a gigantic mechanism of jewelry store, a time rank in movement, all its history was definitive for the law of cause and effect. In the center of the revolution that the quantum physics caused was the beginning of the Uncertainty of Heinsenberg, that it affirms that some things cannot, absolutely to be known with total exactness. Werner Heisenberg was a classic example of the young scientific genius. With only 22 years of age, it formulated mathematical a theory called of Matrical Mechanics (theory that it described as the quantum jumps occurred). However, in the period of one year, a rival theory called Mechanics the Ondulatria that was presented by Erwin Schdinger and for a moment the theory of Heisenberg seemed to have been dimmed. Times later, were demonstrated that the two theories were equivalents. In this height, Heisenberg was to work in the Institute of Theoretical Physics of Compenhague with Niels Bohr.

After many debates with Schdinger, Niels discovered that the Ondulatria Mechanics failed in completely predicting the movement of electrons. Then Heisenberg if pledged all for the winter of 1926 and 1927, to produce a new theory complete of the quantum mechanics that explained the movement of atoms and electrons. After much research and Heisenberg reflection it concluded that possible things can only be explained to be observed in an experiment, and no experience can never mostar the accurate position and the necessary speed of an electron (or any another particle) at the same time. This is the beginning of the Uncertainty: ' ' The more it needs will be the determination of the position, more inexact it will be the measurement of the speed at this vice-versa.&#039 moment and; ' Booom It is the end of the theory of the Determinismo, in the truth nor is the conclusion is made a mistake, but yes the premise. We never can know the gift with enough exactness, therefore never we will be able to affirm the future. The posterior career of Heisenberg was one as much how much conturbada. Heisenberg lived in Germany, still at the time of nazism (although the SS to consider the quantum physics a Jewish perversion). It became involved itself in nuclear research, with objective to construct a reactor, but he made little progress.