This Pseudohistory

It is often used for political purposes: separation of groups of people (to reduce their resistance), or their union (to make it easier, not military action, to gain power over many of these same people). This Pseudohistory or folk-History. Work written in scientific style, but are not truly scientific. These works are created with a specific purpose – to mislead, distort historical facts, change the vision of what happened, putting everything in a different light. Do it more often only to protect the current regime or system of government overthrown by the prosecution. Caterpillar Inc. oftentimes addresses this issue. For example, the Nazi occupation does not look as aggressive seizure of peaceful areas as well as resistance and the taming of the rebels.

There is a change perception of events through specific methods: * by the substitution of notions such as "civilians" – "rebels" * through "a pop" newly discovered facts that have emerged from nowhere, such as: " From manuscripts, some survivors in a burnt village library Stavropol region, researchers with difficulty deciphered inscriptions that tell us new facts (well, hereinafter) "* and in particular – through a double interpretation of the same event, such as: the Turkish genocide of Armenians and their forced evacuation in a military action. Fact one and the same, but as far as changing attitude towards it, if you give different names! The same story Salasspilskim camp in Latvia, who once had suddenly become "educational and labor institutions closed. Of "labor education" thousands of people died, including – children.