Therapy Appointment

CoachingIN puts an end to long waiting times overload at the workplace, crisis in the family, coping with grief at death or separation: the reasons for emotional lows and mental illness are varied. The odds on fast help unfortunately low. Waiting times of six months with a therapist are the order of the day. Who so long it and then not clearly comes with the psychologists or consultants, starts again from scratch or take the lesser of two evils: A therapist who is maybe not the best. With Germany a unique offer, CoachingIN sets new standards.

The company provides psychologists, coaches, family therapists, educators, and therapists within the shortest time. This works because the accredited freelancers offer a very broad solution competence for the various problems. At the same time the well trained professionals as a partner of CoachingIN available in the short term. So support can be offered quickly and competently interested. The Basic idea lies in the immediate assistance coupled with high professional competence. At the beginning of the monitoring visits Birgit Treckeler, the company founded together with Eva Mergen-acid in the summer of 2012, the people seeking advice. You in a detailed initial interview clarifies what the issues are. Here CoachingIN informed about the ways to find a new, individual way out of the crisis.

Then selects the appropriate consultant for the client in a matching process. Raphael Sternberg brings even more insight to the discussion. Within, we can provide consultants from two to three days. This is a very friendly situation for the client. Finally they have accompanied the decision taken to allow and implementation should be generally quickly,”explains Birgit Treckeler. Currently is the regional focus of the deliberations on North Rhine-Westphalia, where according to Treckeler a good consultant structure already exists. The client can even choose whether the care for him at home or at a neutral venue will be held.