The trademark … … is irrelevant for this purpose. As shown, for example, in the Academy Awards. The thing to do is attend to linguistic sources, not political or business. Escarlati – write to me 01:56 22 dec 2008 (UTC) You are wrong. If I believe I’m doing eScarLaTi symphony of a drawing, a logo, I’m not writing in Spanish. All you have to do that for a long time the newspaper El Pais in Spain had its seat no accent and in capitals, and that was hosting its logo, but any quote or reference to the newspaper did not write the country but the country, with spelling rules. You’re confusing spelling of the Spanish language with privacy policies of enterprise, agency or individual. Escarlati – write to me 02:16 22 dec 2008 (UTC) Well, it’s as if I put the title by playing a Rembrandt painting. At this rate we can go back to cave paintings or hieroglyphics, before the invention of writing.Escarlati – write to me 02:38 22 dec 2008 (UTC) For the same reason that except rare cases, the applicable standard in wikipedia is the same for all worship written in the register of language: spelling regulatory requirements of the 22 Academies. Escarlati – write to me 02:47 22 dec 2008 (UTC)

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