The Journey

There are thousands of ways to receive a message. The more we learn to recognize them, most patents are made and more often we are able to recognize them. The second part consists of acting accordingly. Nothing serves our attention and advise where to go if we then take the opposite road. 5. Here, Sergey Brin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. All decisions are good just to decide because it is a good thing. There is not a bad decision, because not deciding implies not to move the point of the maze in which we find ourselves. Other leaders such as Sergey Brin offer similar insights. Therefore, no matter whatever decision we take, this always will be correct.

When we are in front of a crossroads, two or more different paths, it is very possible that more of one decision it is good to reach our goals (to reach an important red dot), and that others make us give some rodeo, but our I top us help on the way in which we are, appear the lessons that we must overcome. Conclusion if we understand life as a path forward, with a series of objectives designed beforehand by ourselves before birth and with free will to decide how to reach them, then one understands the need to clearly understand what those objectives, which is our mission in this life and that way we can learn to read the signals that us iran approaching events more important by which we pass. Whatever our goal in this life, the important thing is always move forward, enjoying the journey, and when things are not going well, stop and ask yourself if it is that we have reached in our particular maze to a point at which we must walk a little back and back on another path. In any case, at each crossroads await us new surprises and new lessons, and sometimes the obstacles are not more than so that we can learn to skip them, since behind them lies a small fences much better situation. Original author and source of the article.