The Inheritance

and did not stop to create taxes to be charged one of the tributes most interesting pra they age 10% of collection on the inheritance and of the incomes of the property that were created in the month of June of 1808 remembering that it had a fiscalization of the cut and the i ranks did not stop of increasing the crown become indebted Portuguese suspected that the taken tax Portugal was reduced with the fall of the production of the gold, therefore with the fall of the arrival of the gold ace casting houses they suspected of tax evasion decreeing that the annual production age belonged to crown establishing reached goals if in case that not reached the people it would have that to pay plus a tax the special tax. The annual income of fifth would have to be of 100 arrobas what it lacked to reach this intentionally total for the crown would have that if paid of any form, when I prayed decided in an arbitrarily chosen village of surprise to prevent you raise. The special tax intimidated the population of the captainship of Mines the movement was defeated costing to the life of Tiradentes becoming the Mrtir of the independence of Brazil and later it was inhaled placing end to the colonial pact where the exploration of the colony had the highest taxes. 1.2 More after all the ones that are taxes for the Brazilian people Taxes are a slice of the wealth of the society that are given to the State to defray its obligations, therefore before the sprouting of the currency the men already carried through exchanges of goods and services, the price of something were what it had to offer in exchange for to the work more today everything has its price, the wage is one of the right methods most viable and for carrying through a payment of good or services.