The Hub

Through this, they better take sides load, but you must expect more wear and tear. The decisive factor for the longevity of ball bearings is the diagonal force constant torque, which in turn depends on the geometry and accuracy podhozhdeniya components, as well as from the torque of the central nut. The first generation of diagonal ball bearings were double-row type, and its external clip pressed into housing corresponding element of vehicle suspension. In an internal holder factory of wheel hub. Due to tolerances in the manufacture, improper torque and as a result of additional mechanical stresses wheel bearing of this type were subject to premature wear. Because of engineering for research and development was to reduce the number of stages during the mechanical assembly in a workshop that is to increase number of parts that are mounted directly on the job. This led to what was introduced integrated unit bearings. Learn more on the subject from XOM.

At the same time tightening the bearing accurately exposed during the manufacturing process and does not change operation. As such, the bearings are fed to the service station or repair shop. These modules contain elements of the hub or cage speed sensor system ABS. This generation stupichnyh bearings already in the series on many models. It has also been used frequently can be found embedded in the bearing housing of the magnetic elements, which will perform the role of polar ring sensor ABS. Lubricants. Means grease in the bearing (grease) is an essential structural element. Its objective is to reduce friction and corrosion and contamination effects of the environment.