The Good Savage

Without saying of the modifications and damages that homo to faber cause to the environment, arrasando mountains, arrebentando rocks, arroteando the lands and raising on the enormous ground its construes.6 ‘ ‘ The man is born exempts, and for all the part meets it ferros.’ ‘ 7 This phrase illustrates the idea of that the work, we see as it in the society, is not a necessity imposed for the nature and that the proper man, exempts and perfectvel, is who produces the chains arrest that it. Today, the technological progress allowed to delegate to the machines the activities that demand an extreme physical effort, providing to the man a bigger free time, that it spends prisoner to the desgastantes intellectual concerns. Same the increase of the longevity, in a life repleta of schedules, rules, gates and all type of impediments which the individual if submits daily, does not seem to mean an improvement, but yes a species of slavery or drawn out suicide. .