The Company In Crisis

With the global crisis, many optimistic plans of enterprises have failed, moreover, in addition to failures of implementation of existing plans, the company had to develop anti-crisis measures allow to stay afloat during this difficult period for many. Theme of outsourcing, thus not only has not lost its relevance, but it began to work out and those who before the crisis did not even care about outsourcing at its enterprise. And all because of outsourcing tool, if used skillfully, can provide a significant positive effect to the employer, so many companies in crisis have become thoroughly present issues of outsourcing. Moreover, if the earlier conditions of transition to outsourcing largely consisted of raising the capital ratio of the enterprise, to strengthen the position when entering the ipo, then the existing goals and objectives reduced mainly to a reduction in their own state and the formation of a flexible policy on cost management, by manipulating the article – outsourcing. But here we must understand that this manipulation should remain within reasonable limits, no matter in what area held outsourcing. For example, if a manufacturing outsourcing – a sharp decline in maintenance of equipment or other productive services nature can lead to a sharp decrease in the technical condition of production, and this in turn will increase the accident rate and, consequently, nedovypusku products. Another example – accounting outsourcing. In this process, too You can find a way to reduce the amount entrusted to the outsourcer, but excessive reduction may lead to problems with reporting to the tax authorities. To summarize this article, I note: the crisis undoubtedly affected the the ratio of companies to outsource. Number of companies planning to transfer services to outsourcing increases based on the motives by any means to reduce their own costs. The result of this increase in demand for outsourcing, we see only a few years. In fairness, it should be noted that some businesses on the contrary, during the crisis, held a successful diversification of production, foreign investors, plans which were not part of the processes of outsourcing and, thus, they were suspended for an indefinite period.