The Coach

Systemic coaching focuses on the behavior, not on situations. The systemic business coach also knows the characteristics and stress fields in the corporate context. Whether the problem-solving, target sharpening or clarification of various professional and private concerns, just the different facets and motivations make so interesting and varied work as a coach. The coach training complements many professions in the areas of human resources development, advice, facilitation, problem-solving and lends assistance in questions of personal development and self-help. Choice of training who are today for training as the coach interested in is first training swamped by. And who are only now beginning to set, deal with the subject has a particularly hard time. Where separating the chaff from the wheat? What criteria are to apply to the content and implementation of the training courses? In the sea of different labels and procedures quickly lose the Overview. The duration of training in relation to the cost of training curricula with and without certification, as well as the vast abundance of providers can often come to helplessness and a sense of gambling, where informed decision-making would be needed.

When training with longer presence blocks the site and the experience of the trainers often decide on the choice of the Institute. Marc Lautenbach has much to offer in this field. Only a few have the opportunity to learn about the reputation of the Institute in question. And it seems quite impossible to find out the appropriate approach, the attitude as a coach, which is mediated or just not taught in training, given the wealth of offerings in the coaching. Institute in Munich and Stuttgart the coach by Kari communication in Stuttgart and Munich have training experience, skill and composure over ten years. Graduates benefit from proven curricula in the areas of communication, training, coaching and organizational development. Kari communication has a grown tribe of trainers that translates what he teaches in the daily professional life.