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Accepted believe that subscription services network covers stated below services: sales and commissioning of network equipment, its installation, replacement, modernization and the appropriate setting, installing and configuring network equipment, installation and configuration of antivirus software, firewalls, remote administration and network, including, administration of the servers on the Internet, network integration and construction of telecommunication systems, internet connection, access control and protection from unauthorized access, implementation of accounting systems Traffic, modernization, installation and dismantling of LAN, RAS, including wireless networks, server administration, management and maintenance performance local area network, highly round the clock telephone consultation and e-mail union branch office in a single workspace, scheduled preventive visits, unlimited number of emergency emergency exits of the highly skilled. Often, the subscription service PBX and telephony is to provide subscribers of these IT-services for sale and commissioning of PABX, installation, configuration and programming PBX scheduled preventive visits, unlimited number of emergency visits related emergency Narrow specialists, dismantling, installation and capacity of telephone lines; round the clock telephone consultation and e-mail. Consider how the user's service computer and office equipment allows the subscriber to minimize costs, reduce complexity and costs Computer operating systems and applications. Among the primary advantages of subscription service makes sense to identify, first of all, the following points. In terms of diversity of emerging computer problems of one IT-specialists are generally not sufficient. A striking example of absolutely heterogeneous issues – setting PBX installation, construction of boxes for a local area network security issues LAN. On the other hand, the amount of work in each area is uneven – the same box for the LAN is required to lay just not every day.

The cost of services or, in other words, the monthly fee under the contract for subscription maintenance of computer and office equipment is fixed and is significantly lower not only the cost of one-off IT services, but pay even a single IT-specialist. Thus, when concluding the contract for subscription services and computer office equipment organization subscriber has at his disposal not one but dozens of specialists in various fields, including and highly specialized. The responsibility for the quality of services is organization that makes sense to pay attention, not sick, does not need to leave and not dismissed. The company, the subscriber does not bear expenses for the selection, design and training full-time employee, saving on hospital, social benefits, taxes, vacation time, reduces the taxable value on the purchased computer services. Thus, we can safely say that the subscription services of computer equipment helps reduction and control of costs and frees up internal resources of the company, the subscriber for any other purpose. It is obvious that the expertise of a specialized organization that focuses on a particular type of activity and has specialized technologies, equipment, knowledge, higher than the skills and knowledge of a specialist wagon. Thus, the subscriber service computer and office equipment can significantly improve information security company and the subscriber receives, the level of computer assistance. Moreover, taking into account the competition in the market subscription service computer and office equipment, separation and partial transfer of risk outsourcer organization entails further reduction in the cost of implementing the business process, the subscriber, as well as the risks, affiliated with its implementation. In light of this, subscription service of computers – is to ensure the smooth and normal operation of computer and office equipment without sacrificing quality and at minimum cost. Keywords: computer help, subscriber service