The Argentine

Under the effects of the hypnosis of a society that denies any aspect that does not sound to triumph, one runs the risk of establishing goals for its life which they are, by its little coherence, outside its reach. To obtain goals that one sets out, whenever are coherent, is question of persistence in the actions, and consistency in the personal character and values; these will be the best antidotes against the failure sensation. Good example of it was Abraham Lincoln, who in 1831, suspended its studies of Enterprise Sciences, in 1832 lost the Legislative elections; in 1834, it returned to suspend Enterprise Sciences, in 1835 died his fianc2ee; in 1836 it underwent a strong nervous crisis; in 1838 it lost the elections again; in 1843, 1846 and 1848, left defeated in the elections for the Congress, in 1855 for the Senate; in 1856, defeated for Vice-president; in 1858 defeated again for the Senate, and it had to hope 1860 to be chosen the sixteenth president of the E.U.A. It was the one who left writing us: Recuerda whenever your own resolution to prevail is more important that any other thing. When one lives sleeping during long time thinking that he is somebody very different from which really is, perhaps it wakes up traumatically and with bitterness, verifying of blow that is not as handsome as it had imagined, or so intelligent, or so socially integrated, or so familiarly wanted. And according to it is the distance between its expectations or desires, and what the reality gives back to him, thus he will be of unbearable the failure sensation. To feel that one is a loser, is in many occasions, synonymous of a lack of personal acceptance, and really the lost consequence of having our battle against the pride. Especially sensible to the failure they are, those that enjoy a poor self-esteem, the perfectionists, and those that do not persist ad infinitum in the attainment of their objectives.

The Argentine poet, and member of the Academy Argentina de Letras, Francisco Luis Bernrdez, intoned mystic lyrical and the revealing poem: If to recover the recovered thing/I had to lose the first lost one,/if to obtain the obtained thing/I had to support the supported thing,/if to be now enamored/it were necessary to have been wounded,/I have by undergone good the suffered thing,/ I have by cried good the cried thing. /Because after all I have verified/that is not enjoyed the enjoyed thing well/but after it to have suffered. /Because after all I have included/understood reason why the tree has of flowery/lives than it has buried.